02nd November 2016: NoHope with NovaFuture Blog #2 @ Loophole, Berlin (Germany)


NoHope with NovaFuture Blog (Depeche Mode remixes & more Special)

Date & Time:
02nd November 2016 at 7:00pm

DJ Yoür Gene aka CEO of NovaFuture Blog

Loophole, Berlin (Germany)

Admission fee:

Press Info:
In November it will be time for our second NoHope event.

We want to take a deeper journey with you into Depeche Mode world. Many people know their hit singles like “Enjoy The Silence”, “Just Can’t Get Enough” or “Everything Counts”, but do you know that they also released a version of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”?

So we will play some lesser-known stuff like remixes, b-sides and instrumental tracks for you at this NoHope instalment.

Not much talk, but a lot of nice and perhaps weird music

Event @ Facebook

CEO Of NovaFuture – “Depeche Mode Set at ://about blank on 24-09-2016”

Depeche Mode
NovaFuture Blog @ Facebook
NovaFuture Blog @ Twitter
NovaFuture Blog @ Soundcloud

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