07th October 2016: Cause Of Effect #01 @ Humboldthain Club, Berlin (Germany)


Cause Of Effect


Cause Of Effect #1


Date & Time:
07th October 2016 at 11:59pm


Background Radiation
Paul Vø


Humboldthain Club, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
For the first C.O.E Edition we are very happy to have Opål aka. Dan Divinium on the stage! Born and raised in Berlin he has found himself to be highly enthusiastic and integrative in regards to production of electronic music. His career started off last year where he contributed in building up the well-known “Stützpunkt” collective from Berlin. Eventually he quit, in order to extensively focus on producing. With his own puristic, duby, industrial and experimental style he managed to successfully release on labels such as ARTS and Voxnox Berlin. Still being young aged he can definitely be seen as a highly talented New-Comer in this scene. Opål has been playing in many infamous clubs in Berlin such as Tresor, Arena or Kosmonaut. Furthermore, his international status has been growing considerably. We are excited what he will unleash for us on our first show!

Background Radiation
Consisting of two young artists from Berlin namely Bilal and Anton, BGR is part of the Stützpunkt Team, Berlin. Being a DJ and producer, BGR has had various great opportunities to play at reputable Berlin clubs such as Tresor or Arena for example. With its wide range in style, being on the one side magically atmospheric and on the other side straight and edgy, BGR has the power to transform the dancefloor into a passionate union of individual techno lovers. We are happy to have them with us!

Vælentin & ReVenant
Both of these DJ’s (named above) are greatly welcomed by our C.O.E residents/hosts Vaelentin and ReVenant. Vaelentin will start off the night by playin a very special Vinyl Set for us. With a selection of dark ambient, reduced to driving techno cuts, he will definitely create the perfect entry level atmosphere to start off the night. By his side ReVenant, a dj with edge. Aggressive, speedy, dynamic and at times melliferous. His straight Detroit-Style with old-school tendencies, can indeed make the dancefloor tremble giving everyone a crazy workout!

Tom & Paul Vø
Tom is a young Berlin based DJ who is part of the Set In Motion crew, which just broke through Berlin’s House/Techno scene. Expect some high quality, groovy house beats. With him on the UPSTAIRS FLOOR we’ve got our all time favourite house cat Paul, heating up the dancefloor for the first hours of the night!

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Opål – “Køsmos Podcast ø102”

Background Radiation – “@ New Faces, 24.02.2016, Tresor”

Vælentin – “Cause Of Effect Cast #1”

ReVenant – “Cause Of Effect Cast #2”

Tom – “Set In Motion Podcast 01”

Paul Vø – “Deep & Decadent #02”


Opål – “Nothing Left To Fear”

Background Radiation – “65 Brawl (Coman Remix)”

Opål – “The Fear Within”

Background Radiation – “Marching”

Opål – “Factory 4”


“Pilgrim EP” by Opål on Arts Digital
“Broken Dreams” EP by Opål on Voxnox Records
self-released EP “Heinous Hedonist” by Background Radiation


Cause Of Effect
Humboldthain Club


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