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Romain Frequency & Kritzkom


Turn Around


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Release Date:
14th September 2016




Turn Around


Press Info:
Turn Around is an audio and visual installation exhibited for the first time in Berghain last October.

The music piece deals with all senses that should be heightened when listening to the frequencies of the track: it is a digital hypnotic experiment .

It is a collaborative work between Marine Drouan aka Kitzkom (https://soundcloud.com/kritzkom) and Romain Frequency aka Electrosexual (https://soundcloud.com/romain-frequency).

For them it was a natural and easy process to work together as they developed the track, then looped it and added variations to it. “It has been really exciting to exhibit the installation in Beghain: We created a video generated by the frequencies of the experimental piece, It will transform itself, it will travel, hence keeping up with the theme of turning around.

We are still developping and enhancing the project in order to transport the sound from the machine straight to the body. We love the feeling of the machine interacting directly and naturally with the body. We are surrounded by machines and technology all the time. We should let the machines stimulate and inspire us rather than scare us.’ So let the machine dominate us? ‘Yes, why not? We should not be afraid of this feeling but rather embrace it’.

The sounds on the track are progressive, a mix of drones, trance noise and ambient rhythms that should be hypnotic as an entry into a psychedelic world where one feel and sees the sounds, the vibrations right on the skin.

The piece challenges our traditional sensorial perception: the frequencies, as metaphor for human senses, generate the visuals from technology to nature, from analog to digital.


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Related Event:
“Turn Around Bright Eyes” at Berghain 2015


remix album “Art Support Remix” by Electrosexual
album “Art Support Machine” by Electrosexual


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Marine Drouan aka Kitzkom
Romain Frequency aka Electrosexual
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