02nd July 2016: Cases Of Madness #3 @ Suicide Circus, Berlin (Germany)


Cases of Madness #3


Date & Time:
02nd July June 2016 at 11:59pm


Luke Eargoggle
Philipp Melon
Sarah For Sure
DJ Hirax
Red Rack’em
Adonis Wolf
DJ Krime
Oliver Raumklang


Suicide Circus, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
Cases of Madness invites Luke Eargoggle to his first performance at Suicide Circus. For those who do not know his music, discover it though his Stilleben label or one of the many other labels he releases on such as Brokntoys, Bunker and Lunatic, in preparation for a strong dose of the dirty brown electro sound.

Another new face who will join us is Jasss. She is resident dj for the Mannequin nights at OHM and earlier this year has released some of her groovy acid tracks on Anunnaki Cartel. Also check out her Digital Tsunami mix from 2015.

Warm up and closing is with Talking Machines and COM residents: Sarah For Sure, Philipp, Melon and DJ Hirax.

Caces of Madness found his host outside in Bossy Wax, the upcoming vinyl-label by Adonis Wolf.

Guest this night is scottish Red Rack’em who is right now in the german club charts and is well known for remixing dirt crew or releasing stuff on Wolf music and his own label bergerac.

Second guest is DJ Krime´who represents his label Dizzy Tunes what also released tracks by Snuff Crew, chicago legends Slugo or Tyree Cooper.

As support Adonis invited his good old friend Oliver Raumklang who is well known for his groovy turntable-knowledge.

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Event @ Resident Advisor


Luke Eargoggle – “Where Gardens Are Antique Mix”

Jasss – “16-02-16 Guestmix for NTS Radio”

Red Rack’em – “DJ Set @ Hot Pony, Berlin May 2016”

DJ Hirax – “Mix0416”

Sarah For Sure – “Same Old Madness at Institut für Zukunft [27.02.2016]”

Philipp Melon – “2YRS Talking Machines Mix”

Adonis Wolf – “when i was younger-mix”

Oliver Raumklang – “Unable To Move Guest Podcast #2”


Suicide Circus


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