15th July 2016: Escapism 09 @ Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)



Escapism 09


Dates & Time:
15th July 2016 at 11:59pm


Eduardo de la Calle
Głós live
Manuel Münster


Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
Since its inception in November 2013 Escapism is dedicated to promoting uncompromising high quality techno. As an addition to the regular club nights, it is now time for Escapism to turn into a record label with the first EP by our close friend Głós being scheduled for release on July 8th (see “Related Release”). To celebrate the release Głós will perform an exclusive live-set.

Eduardo de la Calle is one of those people who have never strayed off the path they have set for themselves. His devotion to underground electronic music has earned him massive respect amongst his peers as well as regular clubgoers, while his releases are flawless masterpieces full of subtle details and emotions. We are very much looking forward to his DJ-Set and are convinced that it will be as diverse and enchanting as are his productions.

One could argue that without Joy Division Techno would not be the same that it is today. This is most certainly the case with Głós. His music shares with Joy Division all those melancholic elements and latent aggression that made their legacy last. While he found early success with “Cut Throats”, 2016 will see him reach new heights. His beautifully fragile Ambient-EP “Filling The Scars With Light” already made heads turn and his upcoming EPs for Escapism and Ravage will surely end up in a lot of “Best of 2016”-charts.

THNTS may have only appeared on the Berlin scene two years ago, but he sure made his impact since then. Having been jointly responsible for the now defunct Apathy-series, he currently focusses on establishing the event series ESCH in Berlin while still being committed to bringing quality techno to Braunschweig with the Styx-Series.

As always, Escapism resident Manuel Münster will close the night with a driving, deep and emotional take on techno. With 6 years of experience and countless DJ gigs in the city’s various clubs he also holds down a coveted residency at Berlin’s home of techno, Tresor.

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Event @ Resident Advisor


Teaser Mix By Manuel Münster:


Eduardo de la Calle – “Kommune Podcast #2”

Głós – “Ravage Podcast 005”


THNTS – “Upperberry Vibrations”

Manuel Münster – “Damsel in Distress Podcast 001”


Głós – “Empathy Keeps Me From Sleeping”

Głós – “Prayer”

Videos created by the29nov films.


Related Release:
first Escapism release “Prayers” by Głós


EP “Filling The Scars With Light” by Głós on Intimate Silence
split EP “Four Cuts On Hurting” by Głós on Ressort Imprint
remix sampler “Hidden Variations Throwing Tongues EP” w/ Głós track & remix on Ressort Imprint


ViceVersa Agency for Eduardo De La Calle
Apathy for THNTS
Ravage for Głós
Escapism for Manuel Münster


Arena Club


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