09th June 2016: Infrastructure Facticity In-Store Release Event @ Spacehall Recordstore, Berlin (Germany)


Infrastructure Facticity In-Store Release Event


Date & Time:
09th June 2015 at 6pm


Line-up & Time Table:
18:00-19:00 Blue Hour
19:00-20:00 Shifted
20:00-21:00 Efdemin
21:00-22:00 Campbell Irvine live
22:00-23:00 Steve Bicknell
23:00-00:00 Function/Inland


Spacehall Recordstore, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info (German only):
Celebrating the release of ‘Infrastructure Facticity’ – a 15 track compilation of new and original music on Infrastructure New York, available in 4 x 12”, CD and digital formats.

Event @ Facebook


Function – “Recorded at Netil House”

Inland – “Smoke Machine Podcast 094”

Efdemin – “Smoke Machine Podcast 111”

Steve Bicknell – “Fabric Mix 2015”

Blue Hour – “Invite’s Choice Podcast 158”

Shifted – “Recorded at Closing ADE 2015”


Function – “Gradient II”

Shifted – “6ft Of Silence”

Efdemin – “Track 93”

Shifted – “Junk”

Function – “Disaffected (Ben Klock Remix)”

Efdemin – “Wonderland”

All Videos created by the29nov films


Related Release:
compilation “Facticity” on Infrastructure New York


compilation “Zehn” w/ Efdemin track on Ostgut Ton
album “Under A Single Banner” by Shifted on Bed Of Nails
sampler “Berghain 07 | Part I” w/ Steve Bicknell track on Ostgut Ton
EP “Miramar” by Blue Hour
album “Incubation” by Function on Ostgut Ton
sampler “Berghain 07 | Part II” w/ Inland track on Ostgut Ton


Ostgut Booking for Function
Sweat Lodge for Inland
Sweat Lodge for Campbell Irvine
Ostgut Booking for Efdemin
Radiate Booking for Steve Bicknell
Apelago for Blue Hour
Triangle Agency for Shifted


Infrastructure NY


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