10th June 2016: 3 Years of Liber Null @ Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)


Liber Null


Trinity: 3 Years of Liber Null


Date & Time:
10th June 2016 at 11:59pm


Unit Moebius live
Claudio PRC live
Exoteric Continent live
Supersimmetria live
Scalameriya VSK live
Sinus O live
Prcdrl live
Yves De Mey live
Kondaktor DJ
Umwelt DJ
ANFS live
Morah DJ
3.14 DJ
Civil Defence Program DJ
Marc Ash DJ
Alex Jakupovi DJ
DE vs. Troit DJ
Sirio Gry J DJ
Unhuman DJ
Celldöd live
Dj Neue K B2b Hanzel
MBasix DJ
Alexzandra DJ


Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:


Press Info:
Ex Nihilo Goddess Trinity reveals her three hypostases to a material substratum that changes through specified structures of being.

Trinity, the Goddess of three elements. Three substances, natures and expressions all in one whole unit, form and matter. A triune existence challenging the intellect and all senses. Doctrines, principles and beliefs are embraced and coexist in her entirety.

Three years of existence and conception of Liber Null liturgies invite to showcase the pulsating athenian label Modal Analysis and host an extract of the actionistic artworks of Nullam Rem Natam. Three powers under one state of integration and celebration – Liber Null, Modal Analysis & Nullam Rem Natam – expand into three stages and form the lines of the triangular shape of Trinity.

Praise and honor Trinity.
Enter Liber Null.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Claudio PRC – “Bassiani invites … | Podcast #12”

Exoteric Continent – “Secret Thirteen Mix 171”

Scalameriya – “Promo Dj-Mix May 2016”

Prcdrl – “Live @ Eastern Electronics, Berlin, 2015”

Yves De Mey – “Entr’acte February 2014”

Kondaktor – “Mix for Berceuse Heroique”

UMWELT – “Phormix Podcast #29”

ANFS – “Analogue Podcast #018”

3.14 – “Erfunden Podcast 32”

Alex Jakupovi – “73.42”

DE vs. Troit – “Shape of Void Podcast 003”

Sirio Gry J – “Liber Null Podcast December 2014”

Unhuman – “Monolith Podcast 25”

MBasix – “Beatnik Podcast #050”




Sirio Gry J’s “Three Laws Of Robotics” on Monolith Records
samppler “000” w/ Sirio Gry J & Unhuman on Monolith Records
Umwelt’s “State Of Matter” on Shipwrec
compilation “Megahits II” w/ Umwelt track on Killekill


Sure Fire for Yves De Mey
Killekill for Umwelt
Silence Between Code for Kondaktor
Silence Between Code for Claudio PRC
Pakt Booking for Scalameriya
Advanced Music for MBasix


Liber Null
Arena Club


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