13th May 2016: Krach 09 @ Humboldthain Club, Berlin (Germany)




Krach #9


Date & Time:
13th May 2015 at 10:00pm


ION b2b Victor
Tizian & Jackie G
Michael Witte


Humboldthain Club, Berlin (Germany)


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Krach 09 – We are back for the ninth time.

This time with Alienata and Gaja. Both of whom we have been very impressed by in the past few months. Alienata – the friendly lady from record loft has proven herself to be a fantastic music selector many times, playing shows around the globe in the past years.
With her vast knowledge of music she can play many different styles but is always sure to make you sweat on the dance floor.
Berlin based Dj and Producer Gaja has made a name for himself with his relentless industrial Techno and Electro releases on Italian Imprint Repitch and his own Label Ophism. In his sets he delivers high power dance floor annihilation covering early nineties to modern material.
Our two guests will be supported by Krach residents Adlas and ION, the latter of whom will play a b2b set with our good friend Victor from the Magic Power posse.
On our ever burning house floor Valentin of Mintcondition, Tizian and Jackie G from the Zosse Crew and our resident Michael Witte will bring the heat all night long.
Also we are very happy to announce that the 29nov Crew will provide us with exciting Visuals for the night.

From deep to dark. From past to future. All is about music. It all started in 2000 and since then this mysterious ladylike lifeform has dedicated herself to learning & analyzing sound in all of its forms: Obsessive Analogy, Microloops coming from any source (even including fridge’s plug), Dubby, Dark Disco, Raw Techno, IDM, endless Miles Davis songs, Jakbeat, Analogic Deep Textures, Sexual Dark Experimental Hybrids,Cosmic rhythm and
beautiful Aquatic Dark Electro tracks, Psicodelia. In this small biography you’ll read about some of unforgettable moments this lady went through her life: those timid and young sets at Ocio (Murcia) and many other city clubs in Spain while touching down on uncountable raves and nights across northern Italy having first contact with german scene through the homoelektrik group in Berlin and Leipzig, Moss club (Murcia), Fusion Festival (Lärz)… In 2006 she collaborated with the Overflow Collective that was not only involved in parties but in theatre and music workshops dealing with technology which then opened doors she became apart of Montreal’s electronic scene and Mutek festival.she lived during 2007, as resident deejay at Laïka venue and participating in different clubbing events, like Piknik Electronik, sharing billed events with many famous European and North American artists. Once back in Spain (Valencia), she took up her career again as part of the Overflow team, where she began showing her exquisite and authentic musical selection through plenty of clubs around the country and also abroad. In 2008 Alienata was also responsible for musical direction of Overflow records label, where she was able to expand her good and expert musical taste. In late 2011 she decided to move to Berlin, playing regularly in clubs like ://about blank, Tresor and the infamous Killekill nights at Suicide Circus. Since then, she has been playing in many cities around the world: Chicago, NYC, Denton, Paris, Athens, Warsaw, Amsterdam…
She is currently working on a musical project called Kat Channel with Snuffo (50% of Snuff Crew).!

Gaja has a love for vintage synthesizer and samplers his sound has a vision yet remains true to his live recording process. One take, a moment in time encapsulating the concept of inside his inner self, he works with the idea that the mood of the moment turns into a piece of music, in a direct and improvised way. Everything from the chain of the machines to the tape imperfections, help to sculpt his sound but retaining the feel of the original idea.
Gaja takes influence from the powerful raw punk/industrial aesthetic, while pulling raw Detroit techno elements into complex structures. Melodies and textural worlds of psychedelia take you to a headier domain of geometric and colourfoul realms, painting pictures and stories within his sounds.
But his comfort zone is without doubt behind the decks… spinning, techno, breakbeat, acid, ebm, electro, House strictly on vinyl…you don’ t really know what is going to happen…It sounds like a sort of a thriller movie from the 70`s with a touch of a tipical 90`s mash-up…

His first release back in 2013 on Repitch recordings was defined a “energetic debut EP works as a shrill wake-up call and reminds of the Downwards hegemony in the 1990’s.”
(terminal 313)

In 2014 he open his own label “Ophism records” focused on releasing analog live recorded techno and electro tracks, Bey William Bailey wrote about the first Ophism release: “…While none of the three pieces deviates dramatically from the other in factors like length or pitch, there is a strange sexiness to this undifferentation that demands hearing. Gaja’s hard tracks manage to find a rainbow buried within hues of grey, an impression that is valuable and lasting.”
In 2015 a cutting edge techno track was released on the 5 years anniversary compilation on Innersurface music alongside Honzo, Sleeparchive, OH, Perc, Ontal, Takaaki Itoh and Sturqen.
2016 starts with the second release on Ophism Records, combat electro beats meet UK ravesque distorted acid sound of the 90es. A third release on Ophism is on it’s way.

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Alienata – “Fasma Festival Podcast # 02”

Gaja – “Inner Surface Music Podcast 007”

Adlas – “Vinyl Mix – January 2016”

ION – “November Mix”

Victor – “Friends of LACK – 22”

Tizian – “January Mix”

Jackie G – “ZossePodcast #8”

Michael Witte – “Vinyl Podcast 01”

Valentin – “Cosmoride”


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Killekill for Alienata
Pakt Booking for Gaja


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