07th May 2016: Wunderblock Showcase 2 @ Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)




Wunderblock Showcase 2


Dates & Time:
07th May 2016 at 11:59pm


Arnaud Le Texier
Hail Blk live


Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
The term of Wunderblock is related to the concept by Siegmund Freud from his work “Notiz über den “Wunderblock” (1925). Freud regarded the Wunderblock as a perfect metaphor for the process of recording memories. According to Freud, the mind records memories continually receiving stimuli and transferring traces of that information to the unconscious to be stored as memories.

Synthek is a Tresor club resident and the owner of such labels as Natch Records and brand new STK label. Born in Napoli and now based in Berlin, he’s producing an actual modern techno sound at its best. His outstanding MRI EP was released on vinyl on WRLTD in December 2015.

Arnaud Le Texier
Arnaud Le Texier is a French techno producer an DJ, the head of labels Children Of Tomorrow and Safari Electronique. His incredible remix for Synthek on WRLTD004 brings energy of the whole EP to the next level.

Wunderblock is an experimental techno project from Moscow, Russia. Pioneer composers within art music as well as film scores and visual artists have all played an indirect role in forming Wunderblock sound – an eclectic mix of techno, house and dub with a touch of ambience and a jazzy feel. In 2013 Wunderblock Records label was launched, and now it’s fully packed with high quality underground techno releases, both vinyl and digital, supported by almost all top techno heads worldwide.

Hail Blk
Hail Blk is a Maltese project founded by N.d. Through its algorithmic resonance Hail Blk envisions to challenge and re-model the cognitive perception of time and self-consciousness. On WR labelnight Hail Blk will present its banging analogue live action.

A lover of machines for their perfect rawness and lack of humanity, his aim is not to please, but to hypnotise. His music has a dark post-industrial feel and a strong techno groove, and, on the other side, it’s very expressive and full of emotions.

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Synthek – “Container Podcast [83]”

Arnaud Le Texier – “Children Of Tomorrow’s Podcast 27”

Wunderblock – “Wunderblock Podcast 007”

Hail Blk – “Live @ Tresor 17/2/16”

Steam – “Wunderblock Podcast 039”


Synthek’s “Verse I” on SKT
album “Unwise” by Synthek & Audiolouis on Natch Records


Behave Booking for Synthek
Amplitude for Arnaud Le Texier


Arena Club


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