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Time Running Out EP


Sonic Groove Records


SG 1672


Release Date:
16th February 2016


12″ & digital




Ghost Cities



Press Info:
Eric Van Wonterghem, the man behind Monolith, is one of the most important figures to come out of Belgium‘s electronic music scene. Dating back to the start of the 1980‘s, Eric started off as the composer for legendary minimal synth act Absolute Body Control alongside lyricist Dirk Ivens. In 1984 Absolute Body Control would join forces with Marc Verhaegen and Sandy Njis. The band would change musical direction, veering into much darker and more experimental-driven industrial territories, altering their band name to Absolute Controlled Clinical Maniacs and soon settling on shortened version “The Klinik”. The Klinik would explode on the underground electronic industrial scene in mainland Europe throughout the 80‘s and would go on to be recognized as one of the all time most influential acts from the European industrial/EBM scene.

Eric left The Klinik in the late ‚80‘s and would form another highly respected Belgium EBM band with vocalist and drummer Mario Vaerewijck, “Insekt”. The band would go on to release several albums and singles throughout the late 80‘s into the mid 90‘s on the famed KK Records imprint.During the early to mid 90‘s a new industrial sound with an emphasis on heavily distorted drums and percussions would emerge under the name “rhythmic noise”. Eric, at the forefront of this sound, would soon create his solo artist project “Monolith”, releasing the full length “Compressed Form” in 1997 on his old partner Dirk Iven‘s Daft imprint. Eric would then also take up position in “Sonar” a very popular rhythmic noise project helmed by Dirk Iven‘s. If not already having his hands full with both projects, Eric and Dirk, driven by the popular demand arising from the resurgence of minimal synth music, would go on to reactivate the legendary Absolute Body Control in the early 2000‘s. Eric continues to be highly active in the industrial/EBM/minimal synth music scene, playing major events and festivals, the likes of Mera Luna, Wave Gotik Treffen and Maschinenfest and regularly traveling around the globe to perform as part of one of the many projects he is involved in.

In 2003 Eric became close friends with techno producer and label owner Adam X of Sonic Groove Records. A bond was formed and over the years, they have both released music on the other‘s respective label. In the past years, the techno scene has taken a strong interest in industrial music and with Adam being one of the very first pioneers of the merging between both genres on Sonic Groove and Eric being one of the top innovators of the industrial rhythmic, forces are now joined for the second time in two years with the new Monolith release, “Time Running Out”.

“Time Running Out” is cutting edge, post contemporary industrial-techno music with highly percussive drum programming and infectious sound design set to overrun dance floors. Besides his busy production schedule, Eric also works as a highly skilled mastering engineering for many a famous industrial/EBM acts as well as for classic 90‘ Belgium techno labels like R&S and Re-Load. With over three decades experience, his engineering skills shine crystal clear with razor sharp production on his latest four cut EP for Sonic Groove. “Time Running Out” is an absolute must for anyone into Rhythmic Industrial and techno.




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Monolith’ album “Crashed” on Hands Productions
Monolith’ “Near Crash EP” on Sonic Groove
ADMX-71’s “Second System” on Sonic Groove Experiments


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