15th January 2015: Vexed #3 @ IPSE, Berlin (Germany)




Vexed #3


Date & Time:
15th January 2016 at 11:59pm


Line-up & Time Table:
00:00 – 02:00 Nettled
02:00 – 03:00 Ness live
03:00 – 05:00 Stenny
05:00 – 07:00 Thomas Hessler
07:00 – end Anetha


IPSE, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Ness – “Ghostcast 022 – Live @ ://about blank, Berlin”

Thomas Hessler – “NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2013”

Anetha – “Invite’s Choice Podcast 327”

Stenny – “Ilian Tape Podcast 5”

Nettled – “Vexed Podcast 1”


Alhek – “Inertia (Ness Remix)”

Thomas Hessler – “Consequence ”

Stenny – “Caveberg”

Anetha – “Black Widow”

Stenny – “How The Story Ends”

Thomas Hessler – “The Escaper”

Videos created by the29nov films except “Black Widow” by Camera Plume Prod.


“Perception EP” by Thomas Hessler on IMF
“Gravity” by Thomas Hessler on Nowhere


Silence Between Codes for Ness
Radiate Booking for Thomas Hessler
Blocaus for Anetha
Ilian Tape for Stenny




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