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The year 2015 is … nearly gone. There were still a lot of good music – you just have to find it.

We posted a few of it – for sure it was just a very very small choice of stuff we like and that was released. And we are pretty sure that we missed some nice music.

So New Order released a new album on legendary indie label Mute, we absolutely fell in love with Ressort Imprint & From Another Mind, we watched the great B-Movie and listened to its soundtrack, discovered labels like Aufnahme+Wiedergabe, were surprised by a nice Richie Hawtin album, celebrated the 10th anniversary of Ostgut Ton and and and …

For your pleasure we have here recap of a small selection of 2015 releases represented by one track of this release.

We hope that musicians out there will continue with producing nice stuff that we can feature on our blog. Stay tuned …. CU next year


Ekserd – “Hidden Document I” [from RSI006]

Soft Moon – “Wasting” [from CT-218]

New Order – “Restless” [from STUMM390]

Marsheaux – “Monument” [from CDUN52]

MG – “Europa Hymn” [from STUMM381]

T.Raumschmiere – “Zwischenstop” [from alb007]

Codex Empire – “Select Observations In English Bodies” [from a+w IV]

Dat Politics – “Repiloid” [from STRIKE154]

Westbam feat. Richard Butler – “You Need The Drugs” [from 0210693ER2]

Planetary Assault Systems – “The Eyes Themselves” [from MOTE041]

Spur – “All These Things” [from ANTIME013]

Answer Code Request – “Calm Down” [from MDR 18]

Omar Souleyman – “Bahdeni Nami” [from MTR056]

Laibach – “The Whistleblowers (Diamond Version Remix)” [from iRSTUMM358]

Dasha Rush – “Time Whispers And Albert” [from R-N 158]

Blush Response – “Seven Rays” [from a+w III]

S/D – “The Launderette ” [from OSTGUTCD34]

I/Y – “Primary” [from DREF024]

Array Access – “Variation 2 (Eomac Remix)” [from RSI007]

SHDW & Obscure Shape – “Nachtblende” [from FAM001]

Björk – “Lionsong” [from TPLP1231]

Terence Fixmer – “Pallid Light” [from CLRCD014]

Carter Tutti – “October (Love Song)” [from CTICD012014]

Blue Hour – “Introspective I” [from BH005]

Nikolai Hirschberg – “Countless Level” [from KB006]

Plastikman – “Purrkusiv” [from PLUS825]


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