[Photo Gallery]: Selection Of Photos by Paul Krause (Platin)


Artist (Photography):
Paul Krause


Paul Krause’s photographs are characterized by their clarity. In his works he is always targeted on clear language of form. He always made the right mood and skilfully combines authentic individuals with brutalistic and clear architecture. In hiis work there mostly follows with very significant and dominating shadows.

With this kind of pictures, he could confince very well-known techno artists all over Europe like Luke Slater aka Planetary Assault Systems, Jeroen Search, Dustin Zahn, Jonas Kopp, Chus & Ceballos, Micol Danieli just to name a few.

This earned him a comfortable timetable and he traveled all the way German cities such as Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Innsbruck and meanwhile in europes biggest metropoles like Amsterdam, Paris, London and Madrid.

In addition to its own exhibitions and Vernissages, Paul has another division found to spread his work which has gladly welcomed him. Not only by his shootings, convinced Paul Krause, now his work is carefully selected by various record companies.

As Christian Gerlach, head of Lanthan.audio recognized his talent, he offered him exclusive
to be responsible for the cover photographs. These form the basis for the vinyl cover and artwork and so underline the overall concept and portray Lanthan.audio.
The goal is to break boundaries without to lose the reference to architecture, music and photography.

These cover in turn strengthened Paul’s bridges in the scene and ensured so for new networks.

So Paul Krause is now working as a photographer and Booker for the new, very well-established party Drom, Paris. If you reflect all the views of his age, we know that a promising future lies ahead. We wish Paul all the best!

Text by Christian Gerlach



Photo by Paul Krause

Photo by Paul Krause

Photo by Paul Krause

Photo by Paul Krause

Photo by Paul Krause

Photo by Paul Krause

Photo by Paul Krause

Photo by Paul Krause

© / Photos by Paul Krause


Paul Krause
Paul Krause aka Platin @ Facebook


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