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André Bergelt




Mitteldeutscher Verlag




Release Date:
July 2015


304 pages, 130 x 200 mm


Press Info (German only):
Tragikomischer Berlin-Roman voller Witz, Absurdität und kurioser Gestalten

„Wieso kann ich mich nicht an letzte Nacht erinnern?!“ Diese und andere existenzielle Fragen stellt sich der chronisch verpeilte Held regelmäßig im Anschluss an seine Ausflüge in den Club Zoo. Auch seine Freunde haben sich dem Feiern verschrieben – aber unser Held will mehr, er will im Zoo auflegen. Als er bei einem seiner Jobs, in diesem Fall als Wurstverkäufer, einem Mütterchen Gutes tut, revanchiert sich die Alte und schenkt ihm ein Amulett: Das Glück scheint ihm plötzlich gewogen. Doch alles Glück hat seinen Preis …

André Bergelt
geb. 1970 in Berlin, ist dort und in Thüringen aufgewachsen. Nach dem Abschluss der Oberschule Berufsschule und Abitur in Erfurt, Studium in Berlin. Zahlreiche Jobs, u. a. als Übersetzer und Fahrer beim Film. 2004–08 freier Dozent, seitdem als Autor, Einlasser und kundiger Führer durch das hauptstädtische Nachtleben tätig.


Personal Review:
Berlin is a melting pot of all kinds of artists like musicians, photographers, painters and others. They all came and come to Germany’s capital to find creativity and success. The protagonist of “Affentanz” (“dance of the ape”) is one of them. He, born and raised in Thuringia, wants to earn his living by creating outstanding sound installations and being creative. So he works on such an installation that he wants to present at a famous club called Zoo (if you are familiar with Berlin’s club scene you will recognize some analogies to existing clubs).

While working on it and waiting for a call from the booker of the club, he meets his friends – each of them is a different and some kind of crazy character, goes to techno clubs – with all the ecstasies of rhythms, noise, drugs, sex between all society’s definitions… But you cannot live from being an idealist so he also has to work e.g. selling grilled sausages. Always struggling to have enough money for the daily life and his art. For sure this also causes some problems with his friends – including big trouble with his muse. It is not easy for him to get happy – but he is ful of hope. Or is he a loser like the subtitle “moments of glory of a sore loser” hypothesises? Will he do his performance at the world’s best club?

Many of you New-Berliners (and not only you) will recognize yourself in this story. We did.

Many of you are one of these artists who moved to Berlin striving for fortune. If not, you will surely realize that some of your party nights were very similar to the night life described here by the author.

We really recommend to read this entertaining novel.


Excerpt Of A Reading:




created by Moritz Neu Jesch from Mojefilm. Music for Clip 1 by Audionautix used under Creative Commons Attribution license


“Von Wegen #51 mit Andi Teichmann & André Bergelt”


15th July 2015, ://about blank in Berlin
02nd September 2015 9:00pm, Mixed Munich Arts Club in Munich
27th November 2015 9:00pm, Maze Club in Berlin
03rd March 2016, Bahnwärter Thiel in Munich
17th March 2016, Institut für Zukunft in Leipzig
18th March 2016, Buchmesse in Leipzig
05th June 2016, Sisyphos in Berlin
21st June 2016, Climax Institutes in Stuttgart
15th July 2016, Griessmuehle in Berlin
29th September, Henrys in Weimar
19th October 2016, Club Paula in Dresden
12th November 2016, Laut Klub in Braunschweig
19th November 2016, Arena Club in Berlin
03rd December 2016, Club Zollamt in Stuttgart


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