out now: Max_M & Wrong Assessment – 1004 [M_Rec Ltd]


Max_M & Wrong Assessment




M_Rec Ltd




Release Date:
03rd July 2015







Press Info:
The recent series of black label 10” singles published by Max_M via his M_Rec Ltd. have come to explore another variation of the sound that the late Italian producer loved so dearly. Focusing on mood and melodies, especially heartfelt and experimental, these releases stemmed from the hypnotic techno that gained the label its success, taking a turn for leftfield atmospheres and emotional nerve.

The fourth episode in the series comes as a 2-track 12” which sees Max_M collaborate with Wrong Assessment, the young Italian producer who recently debuted with another 12” on M_Rec Ltd. After developing an honest and mutual respect for each other’s ideas and integrity, the two have collaborated extensively before Max departure, sharing bills around Europe and spending large amounts of time in the studio.

1004A features that slow crescendo of hypnotic modular sounds that M_Rec Ltd. is widely recognized for, but halfway through the track, it delivers a solemn and epic melody, with sharp synths overlapping to produce something ominous and dooming. All throughout, the beat pattern mutates around an aggressive bass drum making the track a perfect example of earnest and captivating techno.

On the other side, 1004B is groovier and more psychedelic, with layers and layers of soundscapes reminding us of the heyday of ambient music (think of Global Communication) and those epic early Underground Resistance 12”s. It’s a beautiful trip, aided by a fluid, but equally stoic bass drum that makes the track perfect for a set of mindbending techno.

Following the recent loss of Max_M to cancer, this release represents his final production work to come out on his own M_Rec Ltd. We believe it embodies everything Max loved about techno and we’re very proud for these tracks to find their way onto Max’s beloved wax.




Max_M – “#SlamRadio – 086”

Wrong Assessment – “RYC Podcast 131”


Buy Vinyl:
Red Eye Records
more soon


Parabel for Wrong Assessment


Wrong Assessment
M_Rec Ltd


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