[Special]: A Selection Of Videos For Killekill, Created By the29nov films


Label (Music):
Killekill Records


The Berlin-based label Killekill Records celebrates its 7th anniversary tonight. For sure the guys behind the label will have a big party at their homebase Suicide Circus (see facebook event or residentadvisor entry).

The label releases a wide range of styles of electronic music – from classic Electro, wonky Techno, Acid and Wave or Industrial Techno but also housy stuff on its sublabel KilleKill House Trax.

Artists like Lakker, Furfriend, Eomac, Alex Cortex, Bill Youngman, Neil Landstrumm, Snuff Crew and others signed a contract to have one or more records on this label with very good reputation.

The guys behind the label also run the annual Krake Festival in Berlin.

Very close to the label is the video collective the29nov films who are responsible for visuals at label parties and also created a lot of promotional videos for the releases.

To celebrate the birthday of KilleKill we decided not to feature their birthday party but have a special with selected videos which were made by the29nov films. ENJOY!


Eomac – “Spectre (Tommy Four Seven Remix)”

Neil Landstrumm – “Ode To Passive Souls”

Dj Spider & Franklin De Costa – “Second Bass”

Radioactive Man – “Addict”

Furfriend – “Fist Fuck”

Lakker – “Darcdub”

Snuff Crew – “Eat This”

Cassegrain & Tin Man – “High And Low”

Bill Youngman – “Levitate”

Kid Simmons – “Pheel”

“SHRUBBN!! – “ECHO 3_4”


KilleKill Records
KilleKill @ Facebook
the29nov films


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