28th February 2015: Modulate #3 @ Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)




Modulate #3


Date & Time:
28th February 2015 at 11:59pm


Claudio PRC
Moon Wheel live


Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)


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Welcome to the third edition of the monthly series “modulate”. It has been a pleasure so far and many were following the call of the sanctuary. With each gathering “modulate” evolves into something new and unknown shades appear to be the next carrier for the alteration of mind for each of us.

Claudio PRC is one of the artists who will provide the sound for this night’s journey. His experimental approach to techno and his knowledge on history of electronic music are the basis for a constant flow of productions since he first started releasing on the Berlin based label Intoxik in 2007. After several other EPs, he received attention from the german label Prologue Music, which not only became his home base for nearly 5 years but also gave him the space to put out his widely recognised first Album “Inner State” in 2012. With his friend and production partner Ness he started his own label based on and named after their side project “The Gods Planet” in 2010, releasing their own productions and giving a little “Extra” room for releases of befriended artists. With his background in experimental and electro-acoustic music and performance, his DJ set will not only provide something to dance to, but also stimulate us intellectually.

Excell – Clenched fist in awareness of the great challenge that the endless repetition will bring.

Olle Holmberg aka Moon Wheel is one of the most productive people I know. His vast horizon of influences and styles of music are connected by a filigree and grounded link to nature. Constant change and improvisation are the mainstay of his vibrant and authentic live shows. After moving back to Berlin in 2012 things escalated quickly in a positive way for him: first (tape!) release on Noisekölln followed by a debut album on L.A.´s Not Not Fun Records, 7” on Wool Recordings and his debut at Berghain in late 2013 plus playing at Boiler Room alongside Marcel fengler and Peter van Hoesen were just some of the highlights so far. He recently performed at CTM festival 2015 which he also provided the trailer music for. Nothing short of high expectations for his live set at modulate.

Lakehead is one of modulate’s residents. As his first tracks were finished, he became eager to release them. He founded his own label called NABLA and in December last year his first eerie low-fi, industrial techno record was released. Having proven himself on record and in his DJ set at modulate #1, we are keen to hear more from this promising artist.

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Claudio PRC



Moon Wheel


Arena Club


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