21st February 2015: Mentasm #2 @ Horns & Hooves, Berlin (Germany)




Mentasm #2


Dates & Time:
21st February 2015 at 10 p.m.


Horns & Hooves, Berlin (Germany)


aMinus aka Valentin Minus
Samuel Gieben


Admission fee:


Press Info:
MENTASM is the brand new alternative mensual party dedicated to the clubbers having a fetish for Techno anthems Newbeat and Acid-House. Hosted by Romain Frequency, which prime motivation is his passion for music, a passion he is sharing with open-minded friends and strangers in a carefree atmosphere, MENTASM will take place once a month at Horns & Hooves ( Danziger Strasse 1). Mentasm is the title of the 1991 rave anthem by Joey Beltram’s Second Phase.

The line up for the second edition on January 24, includes Electrosexual, aMinus aka Valentin Minus and Samuel Gieben.

Not to be missed are the ‘magic room’ and private salons of the club.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ ResidentAdvisor


Electrosexual – “The razortape #1”

Samuel Gieben – “My Haus Podcast 002”

aMinus – “Crush – Summer Open Air in August 2013, Berlin”


Electrosexual’s album “Art Support Machine”
EP “Devolution” by Electrosexual featuring Transformer Di Roboter


Your Mom’s Agency for Electrosexual


Horns & Hooves


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