[Special]: the29nov films TOP8 selected by Sebastian Kökow & Kevin Paschold


In a few days the guys of the29nov will celebrate the 8th anniversary of their project(s).

Sebastian Kökow and Kevin Paschold, to give them a name :-), grew up both in a small town called Sonneberg which is famous for toy making. The town lies within in one of the most beautiful landscapes of Germany – Thuringia, but not much to do for young guys.

So they started a project called “the29nov” – organising events and playing music. Later the two school mates moved to the creative melting point Berlin to start making videos for techno tracks.

They became the very well-known duo “the29nov films” which is nowadays respected in the techno scene – from fans, artists and label owners. Besides creating videos Sebastian Kökow also tours as DJ spinning fine techno.

To celebrate their birthday we have this small special with their own favourite videos they created – each of them selected 8 tracks/videos.


8 Favourites of Sebastian Kökow:
Eomac – Spectre

Oake – Tenoun Rah Zan

Millie & Andrea – Back Down

Wolfgang Voigt – Rückverzauberung 6.3

Blind Observatory – And The Flying Saucer

Prince Of Denmark – (In The End) The Ghost Run Out Of Memory

Burial – Street Halo

DeepChord – Alfama

X 102 – Dione


8 Favourites of Kevin Paschold:
Proxy – Nanomed

Monoloc – Try

Shed – The Praetorian

Untold – Motion The Dance

Cristian Vogel – New Values

Wolf and Lamb – Just for Now

Norman Nodge – NN 8.0

Sonic youth – Halloween


Don’t miss the big birthday party at Tresor on the 29th November


a selection of tracks performed by Kevin Paschold
A/V Podcast #1, a video podcast by Sebastian Kökow


Sebastian Kökow’s DJ Facebook page
the29nov films @ Facebook
the29nov films


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