01st August – 03rd August 2014: Schlagstrom Festival @ Betriebswerk Schöneweide, Berlin (Germany)




Schlagstrom 11


01st August 2014 – 04th August 2014


Betriebswerk Schöneweide, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
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Line-up 01.08.2014 – Dampflok Halle @ Betriebswerk Schöneweide:
Industrie Tribunal Jam-sessions everyone can join
Monolake live
Winterkälte live
Absolute Body Control live
Portion Control live
P•A•L live
Atrox live
Gore Tech live
Tanz Ohne Musik live
Mandelbrot live


Line-up 01.08.2014 – Schweisserraum @ Betriebswerk Schöneweide:
1)3\/1532 live
Slow Loris live
Xoks live
Maria Jiku aka 888 b live
Verstaerker & a/head live
Joke Lanz DJ
Philipp Strobel DJ
Broadcast Storm DJ


Line-up 01.08.2014 – Ambient Music Garden @ Betriebswerk Schöneweide:
eisentanz aka xc-n live


Line-up 02.08.2014 – Dampflok Halle @ Betriebswerk Schöneweide:
Industrie Tribunal Jam-sessions everyone can join
Carter Tutti play Chris & Cosey live
Traversable Wormhole live
Greyhound live
Sardh feat. Blue Voice live
Monolog live
Maschinenkrieger kr52 vs. Disraptor live
Livingtotem live
Wuornosaileen Bande live
Jonny Cräsh live


Line-up 02.08.2014 – Schweisserraum @ Betriebswerk Schöneweide:
D.o.g.m.a. #1 live
Dr. Nexus Tattoo Noize live
Svart1 live
Philipp Münch live
Paradroid DJ
Vertigoneogama & DJ Ogro DJ
Tamat DJ
Udo Wiessmann DJ


Line-up 02.08.2014 – Ambient Music Garden @ Betriebswerk Schöneweide:
eisentanz aka xc-n live movie scoring, “la coquille & le clergyman” by germaine dulac (1928)


Line-up 03.08.2014 – Dampflok Halle @ Betriebswerk Schöneweide:
Raison D’être live
Apoptose live
Phelios live
The Surreal Error live
Lolita Terrorist Sounds live
Mortaja live
Pagan / Dreamstalker djs DJ


schlagstrom came into existence in august 2003. far beyond the mainstream, special platform for experimental art and music in berlin.

3 days of experimental electronica, rhythm´noise, avantgarde, industrial, noise, ambient, broken beats, installations, performances, exhibition, djs and our special train cocktail lounge. the concerts are indoor (2 stages)

we have discovered a very special venue, which fascinates us with its mechanic-industrial atmosphere and a yet „untouched” and unused artistic aura: the old depot betriebswerk schöneweide. to date, the large areal from ancient reichsbahn times is used by the association “berliner dampflokfreunde e.v.” as a kind of museum of old trains, steam locomotives and numerous other historical machines of railway.

the so called “dampflok halle”. the schweisserraum will be used for experimental concerts, audio-visual installations and further programmes. we have a large outdoor area and an ambient music garden with an outdoor bar and many seating options which you can use if the weather is fine. besides bbq we offer homemade meals for vegetarians and vegans, and also sweets. the betriebsbahnhof is ideally located and can be easily reached by s-bahn, for example in 12 minutes from friedrichshain-ostkreuz.

please come by train, train´s drive all night.




Fan Videos:
Monolake – “Aligning The Daemon”

Portion Control – “Under The Skin”

P.A.L. – “Gelöbnis”

Carter Tutti aka Chris & Cosey – “Alchemy”

Traversable Wormhole – “Closed Timelike Curve (Marcel Dettmann Remix)”


schlagstrom.de (3 day pass)
Paylogic (all other)




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