[Special]: NovaFuture Blog Competition with Comet Club – Composition Of Sound


Comet Club & NovaFuture Blog present you the next competition. So we give away 3 names on guestlist, each plus 1 for your best friend.

You just have to send the answer for the following question, the subject “Composition” plus your details (first and last name, age etc) to blog -at- novafuture -dot- biz (deadline: 03th July) … The winner will be selected by random (for sure she/he has to send in the right answer, in this case every answer is the right answer LOL).

Question: What’s your favourite song of Depeche Mode (from the period 1980 – 1989)?

Note: the data of the winner (like full name) will be sent over to the team of Comet Club, so they can put she/him on the guestlist etc. The winners will only get the free entrance for the party – no hotel, no travel costs etc. Participants must be 18+

Update: thanks everyone. It is closed now. We selected the winners and sent them an email. @winners: Enjoy the night!


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