25th January 2014: Electric Deluxe presents Speedy J & Lucy @ Lehmann Club, Stuttgart (Germany)


Electric Deluxe presents …


Electric Deluxe presents Speedy J and Lucy at Lehmann Club


Dates & Time:
25th January 2013


Lehmann Club, Stuttgart (Germany)


Speedy J
Simo Lorenz


Admission fee:
12 EUR presale


For the first EDP of 2014 we’re heading to Club Lehmann in Stuttgart for a very special battle of the label bosses. Well, not quite. There’ll be no chest-bearing, ego-bating, head-to-heads here, just some premier techno from two of the finest figures in the scene today.

Their timelines may be a little skewed, as for everything else the parallels between Stroboscopic’s Lucy and EDLX’s own Speedy J are a little uncanny. Heads of visionary, forward-thinking labels, music connoisseurs and DJ extraordinaries both, it’s no wonder the pair have shared bills and booths on numerous occasions. Just as nerdy about sound design and equally left-of-centre when it comes to taste, it was a matter of time before they entered into the studio together. Last year’s abstract Zeitgeber collaboration was the result, which enjoyed its live outing at EDP in Paris back in November.

Tonight, however, they’ll be in solo guise. Speedy J will be doing what he does best. As for Lucy, he’ll be showcasing material from Churches Schools and Guns, his much-anticipated follow-up album to 2011’s Wordplay for Working Bees. A provocative title for a provocative album, this is certain to be an unmissable set from one of contemporary techno’s true luminaries. Simo Lorenz, Stuttgart native and favourite Club Lehman resident, completes the bill. Make that dancing shoes mandatory.

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Speedy J


Simo Lorenz


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Speedy J
Simo Lorenz
Electric Deluxe
Lehmann Club Stuttgart


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