14th September 2013: Local Suicide X Killerrr @ Urban Spree, Berlin


Local Suicide


Local Suicide presents LOCAL SUICIDE X KILLERRR


Dates & Time:
14th September 2013 at 9 p.m.


Urban Spree, Berlin (Germany)


Electrosexual feat. Transformer Di Roboter live
Yasmin Gate live
Dualesque live
Local Suicide & Friends DJ
Lois Plugged & Fruckie DJ


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Local Suicide presents you their first cooperation with Berlin based Blog & Label KILLERRR! On Saturday, September 14, they are planning an event at Urban Spree (Berlin). Starting with a BBQ and chilled music in the early evening hours, afterwards there will be live acts such as Electrosexual, Yasmin Gate and Dualesque playing besides DJ’s like Local Suicide‘s Vamparela, Brax Moody (& Friends) and Lois Plugged & Fruckie. Find Details below.

Electrosexual feat. Transformer Di Roboter live
Synth Tamer, Analog Fetishist & Arpeggio Afficionado, The Amylnitrate-Disko producer Electrosexual merges primitive analogic electronic music with original and sophisticated avant-hard programming. The new single DEVOLUTION will be released September 2013 on Killerrrec.

Yasmin Gate
Yasmin Gate´s strong voice is floating above compositions dominated by massive and richly textured synthesisers – featured in an innovative live audiovisual experience. She illuminates the stage with her charismatic presence, playing her custom-made, never-seen-before instrument, the Dsumi.

Electro Inferno Rocker Duo and Twin Brothers Manuel and Mario Unterhuber aka Dualesque are leaving the studio to present new material live, including the upcoming debut single UNCOMPLICATED, which will be kicked out by Killerrrec. in fall 2013.

Local Suicide & Friends
Globetrotting DJ & Producer duo Local Suicide are once again back with a special space disco set including some of their own new unreleased productions. To celebrate Vamparela’s birthday they invited some like-minded DJ friends and surprise guests.

Lois Plugged & Fruckie
The two french producers Loïs Plugged & Fruckie made a grrreat Devolution Remix. Their dj set is from house/garage, electro/house to pure electro. They are actually in the studio working on their first ep on Boxon Records, from which they gonna play some tracks.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ ResidentAdvisor



Yasmin Gate

Local Suicide




Electrosexual feat. Transformer Di Roboter – “Devolution (Live at SO36)”

Yasmin Gate – “Spinning Around”

Dualesque – “FixIt” (Live Teaser)


Electrosexual’ exclusive mix for NovaFuture Blog


Lois Plugged
Yasmin Gate
Local Suicide
Urban Spree


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