13th July 2013: Shit-Parade @ Ritter Butzke, Berlin




Shitparade 10


Dates & Time:
13th July 2013 at 9.00pm


Ritter Butzke, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
20 EUR (presale)


Line-up & Timetable Salon Floor:
21:00 Marc Weiser DJ
22:00 Never My Queen live band
22:30 Oval live
23:00 Thomas Fehlmann DJ
00:00 Gudrun Gut live
00:30 Andreas Dorau live band
02:00 Pilocka Krach live
03:00 Thomas Brinkmann live
04:30 Daniel Miller DJ
06:00 T.Raumschmiere DJ

Line-up & Timetable Ölfass Lager:
00:00 Monty DJ
01:30 Raz Ohara live
02:15 Mareena DJ
04:00 Thomas Meinecke DJ
06:00 Strobocop DJ

Line-up & Timetable Hütten + Garden:
21:00 Maximoist/Meteo/Magnum 38 DJ
00:00 Hannes Teichmann DJ
02:30 Patric Catani vs. Ill Till live
03:15 Daniel Meteo DJ
04:00 Fenin live
05:00 Maximoist DJ
06:30 Sid Le Rock DJ
08:00 DJ Flush + Alienata DJ
11:00 Max Montana DJ


10th anniversary of SHITPARADE will held at Ritter Butzke, July 13th ! ! ! With Oval, Andreas Dorau, Daniel Miller, T.Raumschmiere, Raz Ohara, Fenin, Daniel Meteo, DJ Flush, Thomas Brinkmann, Gudrun Gut, Pilocka Krach, Thomas Meinecke, Maximoist, Strobocop, Never My Queen, Thomas Fehlmann, Patric Catani vs Ill Till, Mareena, Marc Weiser, Rüftata 110, Magnum 38, Hannes Teichmann, Alienata, Sid Le Rock & Max Montana.

And don’t forget the warm up-Shitparade in Hamburg, Golden Pudel, on 12th of July with Cristian Vogel (live), Daniel Meteo, T.Raumschmiere, Schieres and Daniel Miller!!!




Pilocka Krach

Thomas Brinkmann

Daniel Miller

Gebr. Teichmann, Hannes Teichmann is one half of the duo

DJ Flush

Sid LeRock

to be continued


Andreas Dorau – “Gehen (Baby, Baby) ”

Gudrun Gut – “Garten”

Pilocka Krach – “Wild Pete feat i dont know his name”

Thomas Brinkmann – “It never was you ”

Oval – “Ah!”

Daniel Miller alias The Normal – “Warm Leatherette”

T.Raumschmiere – “E”

Thomas Meinecke / Move D – “WORK”

Thomas Fehlmann – “I Wanna Be A Little Fishy”

to be continued

Unofficial video for The Normal was created by the29nov films. Some are official, others are just unofficial fan works.


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“Parade 10.0” by D.Reamteam


Sid LeRock
Thomas Fehlmann
Geb. Teichmann
Daniel Miller’s label Mute
Ritter Butzke
to be continued


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