out now: Chris Finke – Don’t Try This At Home EP [Hidden Recordings]

Chris Finke

Don’t Try This At Home EP

Hidden Recordings


Release Date:
March 2013

12″ & digital

Don’t Try This At Home

Don’t Try This At Home
(Black Asteroid Remix)

Cala Vadella

Warehouse Syndrome

Music that rumbles. It’s the trademark for Hidden Recordings. We continue the tradition in a big way with fast-rising UK producer Chris Finke offering the up the label’s next release, “Don’t Try This At Home”. You may recognize his name from such prominent labels such as Mote Evolver, Beardman, and Trapez, and now joins our family. Chris is tough to categorize, and that’s why we love this EP so much. It’s a combination of his unique mix of techno, bass and anything else he feels like, all rolled up into a nice industrial big-room package ready for warehouses around the world.

CLR’s Black Asteroid provides a bold and unforgettable remix of “Don’t Try This At Home”.

Track 01 Don’t Try This At Home – A perfect slice of prime techno grime and Detroit funk. Gigantic kicks and bass with timely percussion keep this thunderous peak hour slammer bursting with energy.

Track 02 Don’t Try This At Home (Black Asteroid Remix) – Menacing bass takes the lead and evolves into a dark, squelchy analog techno hum that is both relentless and hypnotic. It’s a timely touch of dark mechanized sounds and jarring bass.

Track 03 Cala Vadella – Finke get creative combining Detroit tech and funky house stabs underneath powerful techno bass and huge kicks. This will remind you of those old skool NY house parties, London warehouses, Detroit after-hours with the legends, late-night Chicago and current Berlin.

Track 04 Warehouse Syndrome – Champion’s league techno with gigantic kicks and evil analog bass stabs. A full on sonic assault for those in the heart of marathon nights that go for miles



Electric Deluxe Podcast 046

SlashDotDash Podcast 017

deejay.de (vinyl)
djshop.de (vinyl)
Beatport (digital)
more soon

Chris Finke
Hidden Recordings

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