already out: Brussels Pony Club – Brussels Piano Club [Lift Your Head Up]

Brussels Pony Club

Brussels Piano Club

Lift Your Head Up


Release Date:
06th March 2012

12″ & digital

Brussels Piano Club

Brussels Piano Club
(Nathan Oye’s Sovjet Mix)

Brussels Piano Club
(Bernard & Bianca Remix)

Brussels Piano Club
(Geoff Wichmann Dub Session)

The Brussels Pony Club was founded in September 2010. It’s a private club for gentlemen, gentlewomen and, of course, ponies. It’s a haven of peace and all it’s sweet sounds. At least it is in the daytime. For those who have the courage, at night it welcomes all kinds of nighthawks and with them the dark and electric atmosphere that comes with it.

The sound is best described as a mix between Blues and minimal electro.

It’s a strange combination and a powerful one. A combination that is meant to dig into your soul and make you move, make you lose yourself. An atmosphere that is meant to make you forget that there are walls everywhere around us, and that freedom is a state of mind.

There is no admission fee and no need for a member’s card. All the bouncer will ask for is what you’re looking for and whatever you say; as long as you’re honest you’ll be let into the Blue electric mist that is Brussels Pony Club.

Brussels Piano Club is the very first release by Brussels based duo, Brussels Pony club.

It features the original track which lingers between minimal, electronics and jazz.? An unmistakable rhodes riff driven by groovy bassline takes you deep into the piano club. This is what the song is all about.. welcome to the Brussels Piano Club. The raw crooner voice of Parsifal on top of the mix answeres the piercing sax melody like in a perfect love story.

The single also features three remixes by producers which are all based in the capital, which makes this release a 100% Brussels piece of art.

Nathan Oye’s Sovjet Mix brings up the darkest side of the track. Playing with reversed vocals, which make it look like the singer came from some East European countryside and a melancholic melody at the end. This results in a much deeper and more nostalgic sound.

Bernard & Bianca’s stripped it down to the essientials. Focusing on a rhode driven ambiance combined with an old school Detroit influenced structure.

Geoff Wichmann, brings us a much more clubby version by smoothing things down a little while adding a groovy hypnotic bassline and melody.



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Brussels Pony Club
Lift Your Head Up

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