06th August – 12th August 2012: Krake Festival in Berlin


Event series:
Krake Festival


Date & Time:
06th August 2012


Murcof live
Thomas Köner live
Bersarin Quartett live
Floex live
Adam Weishaupt

We start off the festival with a massive line up of the finest in ambient and electronica, presented in one of the most beautiful locations in Berlin, the Passionskirche, an old church in the center of the city.

MURCOF is a very modern composer, who utilizes technology to make epic, moving suites of music with a spiritual undertow. He draws on minimalism, post modernism and baroque music to create music that moves the mind and heart. The shows of this south american artist are rare, and we are particularly proud to have him on board this year. Pioneering multi media artist THOMAS KÖNER is the second headliner of this evening, another special feature we are proud to present.


Date & Time:
08th August 2012


Perc experimental live set
Lucy experimental live set
Dadub experimental live set
+ aftershow DJ

For the 2012 edition of Krake Festival, Stroboscopic Artefacts present a one of a kind party, the Stellate Series Showcase at Berghain Kantine.

Celebrating the limited edition Stellate Series, Stroboscopic Artefacts’ critically acclaimed and most experimental output to date, this night is a unique opportunity to see three exclusive live acts from Lucy, Perc and Dadub amid the monochrome visuals of Oblivious Artefacts.

Founder of Stroboscopic Artefacts, LUCY, is renowned for sets that push the definition of what belongs on the dance floor. Lucy’s tracks for Stellate were no exception and they saw him taking influence from one of the C20th most important writers, Samuel Beckett. At Krake Lucy presents the Berlin premiere of his experimental live act which has been seen just twice before at London’s Bloc Festival and at Turin’s Club To Club Festival.
PERC is not just one of the core artists on Strobscopic Artefacts he is also one of the reference points in the electronic music scene. For Stellate Perc created two tracks that are full of oppositions, full sounds that should have contradicted each other and yet worked seamlessly. It’s this ability to make the unexpected work that makes Perc such a dynamic live act. In February 2012 Perc was named ‘Tomorrow’s Cult Star Today’ by the BBC, and they’ve got a point. Catch this rare set so that you can talk about it for years to come.
DADUB have been shaping the Stroboscopic Artefacts story from the beginning, not just with their monumental releases, but also with their mastering, under the guise of Artefacts Mastering the duo are behind the essential SA sound. For Stellate Dadub created two masterpieces, their two tracks pushed texture and form to their limits with stunning results. Live, their approach translates perfectly, from the dub-filled or ambient-infused to brutal industrial textures.
It’s impossible to know what to expect. And that’s the beauty of this showcase.


Date & Time:
10th August 2012

Suicide Circus

Ulrich Schnauss live
Pole live
Kid 606 live
Shrubbn!! live
Alex Smoke
GONER live
DJ Flush
Adam Weishaupt

For friday and saturday the KRAKE FESTIVAL moves to his headquarter, the infamous Suicide Circus, a midsize club with two floors and a long, long tradition.

On friday we present a midnight concert of ULRICH SCHNAUSS, undoubtedly one of the most prolific ambient producers of all times.

Also playing are SHRUBBN!! a collaboration of T.raumschmiere and Schieres focussing on dark drones, who present their latest cooperation with the visual trio TRANSFORMA, known for his work with Apparat and others. With POLE and others following on the main floor, this night will cover anything from ambient to techno crossing over dub techno, electro and whatever.
On the outside floor ALEX SMOKE is keen to present an extended daring dj set far away from how you may know him. And we are happy to have him do exactly that.
This is what we want, and this is what this festival is about!


Date & Time:
11th August 2012

Suicide Circus

Tim Exile live
Ceephax Acid Crew live
Lakker live
Phlex live
Tornado Horr live
James Dean Brown
Swarm Intelligence
Krake Boys

The saturday night focusses on rougher sounds on the main floor. Vocalist TIM EXILE will leave you standing with your mouth open, when he builds weird electronica tracks from sounds he makes with his mouth only. Rephlex-artist CEEPHAX ACID CREW, brother to the infamous Squarepusher, will kick the audience’s bottom with his very own definition of an acid inferno. Another highlight is the newcomer scottish duo LAKKER, who fascinated with their recent releases on KILLEKILL and blueprint and the unique mixture of techno, IDM and dubstep, they work on. No wonder their tracks get played a lot by people like Aphex Twin or Surgeon.



recent album by Shrubbn, “Echos”
upcoming record by Pole, “Waldgeschichten”
2 remixes by Lucy for PAS, “Function 4”

Krake Festival

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