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Henning Baer | Ascion


Multicore | The Poetics Of Withdrawal


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Release Date:
20th August 2012




Henning Baer

The Poetics Of Withdrawal

The Poetics Of Withdrawal
(Pfirter’s No Fear Of Death Mix)


‘Transparent / Anklad’ forged the Manchester-Buenos Aires axis with steely basement artillery from AnD and Jonas Kopp. Then Manchester was heralded once more by Szare’s heady tribute, ‘Rochdale Principal’. Now Berlin takes centre stage on Krill Music’s third release: another split, this time from scaling production force Henning Baer and Italian émigré Ascion – backed with a punishing remix from Argentinian icon Pfirter.

Henning Baer may have only recently entered into the field of production – as K209 with Milton Bradley on their inaugural ‘Going Forward EP’, succeeded by a solid solo debut ‘Fierce Hundred EP’, both last year – but as DJ and conspirator behind one of Berlin’s most respected techno parties, Grounded Theory (which he runs with partner Micha Mueller), Baer is certainly no novice. A second EP, ‘Drop Out’, released on Adam X’s Sonic Groove label at the start of the year alongside outings at Berghain and an increasingly European-looking schedule has made 2012 so far a particular profitable year indeed.

Hailing from Naples, Italy, Pasquale Ascione moved to Berlin to fully pursue his musical passions and has since emerged as a spatially rich and multifaceted producer, releasing on labels like Drumcode, 8 Sided Dice and Smallroom Music – both solo and in collaboration with D. Carbone.

Repitch Recordings is their canon-crossing imprint the pair set up in 2011 with third member Shapednoise, an outlet that has seen Ascion freely indulge in a manner of electronic styles.

Buenos Aires-based Pfirter has been engaged in the many subgenres of techno for well over a decade, and as such is one of the most internationally renowned figures from Argentina’s electronic scene. He’s honed a particularly deep and experimental sound that has found homes on the likes of Pär Grindvik’s Stockholm LTD and Stroboscopic Artefacts – outside his own MindTrip Music stable.

Pooling together the significant talents of these three artists at differing stages in their career, ‘Multicore // The Poetics of Withdrawal’ presents a heavyweight cross-section of Berlin-style techno: luring basslines thickened with menace; dank, swampy atmospheres and a grumbling sense of trepidation you can’t but eagerly embrace. The pounding pistons of “Multicore” and eerie, paranoid air about “Poetics of Withdrawal” are first class, basement-dwelling beasts, but its Pfirter’s “No Fear of Death Mix” that will have even the gates of hell a-trembling.




Henning Baer – “Multicore”

Ascoin – “The Poetics Of Withdrawal”

Videos created by the29nov films.


Kr!z features Henning Baer’s “Multicore” in his CLR podcast


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Henning Baer
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