out now: Poppy & The Jezebels – Sign In, Dream On, Drop Out [Gumball Machine]

Poppy & The Jezebels

Sign In, Dream On, Drop Out!

Gumball Machine (digital) / CarolineTrueRecords (vinyl)

tba (digital)
CTRUE14 (vinyl)

Release Date:
out now

digital & vinyl

Sign In, Dream On, Drop Out!
(Original Richard X Production)

Sign In, Dream On, Drop Out!
(Richard X Meets Larry Least Mix)

Sign In, Dream On, Drop Out!
(Substantial Error Remix)

Signed Out (The Outer Circle)
(Richard X Remix)

Tracks 3 and 4 are digital-only.

Birmingham’s Poppy & The Jezebels are back with a new single on their own Gumball Machine label on the 28th May 2012.

The band emerged with the ‘Underage’ scene while still at school when they travelled from Birmingham to play alongside The Horrors at the opening night of the original Underage Club at The Coronet in London’s Elephant and Castle. Seriously adept at social networking, the girls were sharing bills with SCUM and Shonen Knife before Mollie’s fourteenth birthday. The band signed a publishing deal with Mute and released two critically acclaimed indie seven-inch singles, establishing their own label – Gumball Machine.

Having left school to concentrate on the band full time, the girls realised that their charming but lo-fi and DIY approach would never support their dreams of real pop immortality, and enlisted the help of top pop producer Richard X to re-emerge now as Poppy & The Jezebels mark 2!

‘Sign In, Dream On, Drop Out!’ was produced and mixed by Richard X (Sugarbabes, Kylie, M.I.A.). Along with a ‘Richard X Meets Larry Least mix’ by Richard X and Daniel Miller, the single also features remix from Substantial Error. The song addresses matters current on teen earth and suggests alternatives to the crushingly conventional pathways on offer today.

The collaboration with Richard X came about when, smitten with his pop philosophy and intrigued by his remixes and ‘re-productions’ of Soft Cell and Saint Etienne, the girls approached the producer with their rehearsal room demos. He agreed and the single was completed in January.

Poppy & The Jezebels met and started playing together at the same Birmingham comprehensive school when Mollie Kingsley (Vocals, Bass), Dom Vine (Keyboards, Vocals) and Amber Bradbury (Guitars, Vocals), then in year nine were joined by Poppy Twist (Drums, Vocals), a year older at fifteen.

The band are set to announce a handful of UK dates in the very near future.

Poppy & The Jezebels listen to classic pop from (Phil) Spector to Spears. They swear by The Slits yet retain a place in their hearts that is forever Spiceworld.

They are clever, funny and devastatingly cool – and they don’t sound like anyone else. The Guardian

Well, aren’t they just a big pile of charisma? We’ll keep banging on about how we liked them first… are Poppy & The Jezebels going to be the best thing to happen to girls and music and life in general? (Yes!) Sugarscape

A whirling airy, big sounding single from the teenage uberfraus… NME (Track of the Week)

Like something from the golden days of Smash Hits – Poppy & The Jezebels have the freshest girl group sound I’ve heard since the days when Destiny’s Child were still good. The Guardian Guide


“Richard X meets Larry Least Mix”

“Substantial Error Remix (Radio Edit)”


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Poppy & The Jezebels

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