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Abstract Division


Form And Function III


Dynamic Reflection




Release Date:
February 2012


black 12″, clear 12″ & digital



(Mike Parker Remix)

(Norman Nodge Remix)

(Area Forty One’s Sunday Morning Cut)


Concluding what has proven to be a nothing short of an epic trilogy, Dynamic Reflection unveils the final instalment in Abstract Division’s “Form and Function” series. The crowning piece features one new Abstract Division track, “Deformation” and three remixes from Mike Parker, Norman Nodge and the secretive Area Forty One.

Diverting from its more introvert predecessors “Floating Point” and “Shifted Reality”, “Deformation” grips its audience by the throat from the get-go and doesn’t let go. Distorted, looped, developing punches force all other elements in the track to continuously fight for air, leaving just enough for them to add their distinctive, crucial sounds. The level of aggressiveness “Deformation” manages to communicate is astonishing and the fact that in spite of this the whole still fits together perfectly exemplifies the craftsmanship of Abstract Division. This one hurts, but it hurts so damn well.

The first person on remix duty is English bass-guru Mike Parker. In his trademark “ringing bass” fashion Parker dips “Deformation” in layer upon layer of dubby goodness without diminishing any of the original’s drive. Hypnotizing and mesmerizing are perhaps the best words to describe this true marble of a remix. One of those tracks that will stand out no matter what the time or the place, making it a valuable addition to any DJ’s record bag.

Lawyer-by-day and techno-don by night Norman Nodge shares his vision on “Deformation” and fills in the first remix spot on the flipside. Vicious hats and throbbing deep kicks greet the listener as Nodge slowly opens the valve containing all of the grit, anger and raw funk he has to offer. Slowly but inevitably the beast is freed from the confines of its cage and once out there is little left to do but dance until one’s feet are sore and praying you’re still here when it’s all over…

Last, but by no means least is Area Forty One’s take on “Deformation”. Having progressed through the EP in normal order this version feels and sounds like an ocean of rewarding calm. Far-away, eerie and strangely soothing filtered synths alleviate the mind to a state of complete lucidity. Halfway through the equilibrium is broken for a few seconds and it’s almost as if the original track’s rage manages to surface for a few seconds but is then quickly washed away. Area Forty One delivers an absolutely stunning treasure the likes of which only pop up every once in a while.

Abstract Division completes its “Form and Function” series on Dynamic Reflection with a final EP that accepts the challenge, raises the already high bar set and passes with flying colours. Without letting Part I and II down, I dare say the label has indeed saved the very best for last. You cannot let this one slip!





“Deformation (Norman Nodge Remix)”

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