2nd December 2011: Other Heights X Field Records Showcase @ Arenaclub, Berlin


Other Heights X Field Records Showcase

Dates & Time:
2nd December 2011 at 11.59pm

Oracy aka Don Williams
Jakob Altmann

Arenaclub, Berlin (Germany)

Entrance fee:
10 Euros

Field Records and Other Heights join forces with the Grounded Theory camp and present a delightful program at the infamous Arena Club in Berlin on Friday December 2nd. The program consists of four prominent international artists – each known for their deep, abstract and authentic vision on contemporary electronic music.

The young Dutchman, Conforce, has been releasing on both Field Records, Other Heights and among other quality imprints such as Clone, Meanwhile and Rush Hour. Conforce manages to create a solid balance between techno depth and dancefloor accessability in his live performances. On this night we will celebrate the release of his upcoming full-length album ”Escapism” on Delsin and therefore, he will perform his high-principled live-set.

The Bristol-based artist Kowton perfectly blurs the lines between dubstep and techno. By dropping down the tempo of dubstep by a good 15 BPM and trying to integrate heavily swung rhythms and dubstep production tropes into a house and techno template, Kowton has managed to create a genuinely unique niche for himself.

Oracy [aka Don Williams] can be best described as one of the leading forces of Germany’s deep house and techno sound for the past ten years. The Berlin-based DJ/producer runs the highly acclaimed Mojuba, a.r.t.less, and Wandering imprints, which have all become staples in any house connoisseurs’ repertoire. Continuing his streak of near perfection, Oracy’s Detroit-inspired performances always aim for the highest possible quality.

Having dropped a few bomb releases on Other Heights and Statik Entertainment only recently, the German DJ/producer, Jakob Altmann, is one of the frontfighters of modern-day techno. Altmann will perform an exclusive DJ-set for us on this date.

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Jakob Altmann

Video for Conforce created by the29nov films.

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