out now: ASC | L.B. Dub Corp – Parallel Series 1 [Mote-Evolver]


ASC | L.B. Dub Corp


Parallel Series 1






Release Date:
26th September 2011


12″ & digital


Slow Burn


L.B. Dub Corp
Lurcher’s Dub

L.B. Dub Corp
Native Dub


Mote-Evolver continues to push on into uncharted territories of electronic music with the ‘Parallel Series 1’, the first in a new series where 2 artists are featured side by side – contrasting and complementing. A dedicated producer with over than a decade of experience, British born ASC goes head to head with Luke Slater’s rather rare L.B.Dub Corp guise over 4 tracks of vivid new techno.

ASC’s textural, earthy and spacious ‘Slow Burn’ does exactly that. Building from reduced layers of paranoid percussion and hot fragments of sound, he creates a bass heavy world of machine funk that leans pleasingly towards more abstract zones. The somewhat brighter ‘Transit’ floats on a bed of liquid reverb, punctuated by jittering percussion, digital interference and brooding deep atmospheres. Certainly a trip into the outer limits, ASC’s uncompromising sound continues to grow.

L.B.Dub Corp is Luke Slater’s alias geared towards dub influenced jams which straddle house, techno and more experimental zones. Heavy on the static, tape delay and freaked-out melodic elements, what comes across initially as a carefully restrained DJ tool in ‘Lurcher’s Dub’, reveals itself to be an inspired fully-electronic jazz jam of sorts. The more grounded ‘Native Dub’ laces a rubbery bell line amongst carefully placed layers of delay as elements build,
then disintegrate with addictive hypnotism.

Review (5/5 stars):
“Slow Burn” by ASC is sick tool to push the audience from one side of the dancefloor to the other. A lit bit angry?

“Transit” by ASC is filled with brigther sounds. Something to reduce the speed.

“Lurchers Dub” by L.B. Dub Corp … is frisky with a slight note of Jazz.

“Native Dub” by L.B. Dub Corp .. is dubby at all.

Definitely another MOTE release I love. I guess Mote-Evolver will be my techno label of the year in 2011.




Unoffical video:
L.B. Dub Corp – “Lurcher’s Dub”

Video created by the29nov films.


Juno (vinyl)
deejay.de (vinyl)
djshop.de (vinyl)
web-records.com (vinyl)
boomkat.com (vinyl)
beatport (digital)
JunoDownload (digital)
7digital (digital)
Zero-Inch (digital)
itunes (digital)
Amazon GER (digital)
Amazon UK (digital)
Amazon US (digital)
more soon


Octopus Agents for Luke Slater


L.B. Dub Corp


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