out now: Head-Less – imperfect: [mensch]


imperfect: [mensch]

Danse Macabre


Release Date:
25th May 2011

CD & digital

01 Contrapunkt
02 Punish Your Head
03 Burning
04 We Stand In Hope
05 Dialoque
06 Als Ich Fortging
07 Forgiving
08 You
09 Down Memory Lane
10 The Deep Insight

New York, Moscow, Berlin, Mexico City, Belgrade, Tel Aviv, Budapest, Helsinki, Madrid, Prague… just to mention a few stations Head-Less have visited during their “Rouge et Noir Tour” in the past three years. Still they are treated as an insider tip in their own country and they work totally independently from the usual label and booking agency structures of the German scene.

This status is supposed to be changed after the upcoming release of their new album “imperfect: [mensch]”.

Once again head-less prove their ability to create danceable beats, catchy refrains and complex electronica.

Besides club-worthy tracks like “Punish Your Head” and “We Stand in Hope”, the songs “You” and “Forgiving” also show their preference for classic synth/electro-pop without being stuck in the usual clichés. The hypnotic “Down Memory Lane” shows their addiction to playful instrumentals and sound experiments.

A special highlight is the cover version of the East-German classic rock hit from the band Karussel “Als ich fortging” which has been a stable part of Head-Less’ setlist for years. In spite of language barriers at shows abroad, it has always been a special moment at every concert.

head-less like to think outside the box of stylistically narrow electro music. The groovy and catchy “The Deep Insight”, with its striking guitar sample and a totally captivating synth lead sound is a good example for that. Laid-back electro tracks like those from Northern Lite served as inspiration and show the complexity of Head-Less.

imperfect: [mensch] was partly produced in collaboration with Kolja Trelle again and was recorded in the Fastlane Studios in Dresden.

imperfect: [mensch] works in the club as well as on the home stereo and it is sure that everyone can find a bit of themselves in the lyrics… who’s perfect anyway?


Official videos:
“Als Ich Fortging”

“Punish Your Head (Live in Rom & Tel Aviv)”

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