out now: Marcel Fengler – Thwack (Remixes) [Mote-Evolver]

Marcel Fengler

Thwack (Remixes)



Release Date:
18th July 2011

clear 12″ & digital

01. Thwack (Norman Nodge Remix)
02. Thwack (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)
03. Thwack (Mike Parker Remix)
04. Thwack (L.B. Dub Corp Remix)

L.B. Dub Corp Remix is a download-only track. It is not avialable at each store – some have only a 3-tracker. The remix will be also featured on Berghain [05].
L.B. Dub Corp Remix was planned as a download-only track but it is not available at the moment. It will be featured though on Berghain [05].

Info :
Marcel Fengler doesn’t mess around, and neither does he with his productions. Released in May last year, his “Thwack EP” showcased the kind of pulsing, throbbing techno sound that few other producers can equal in intensity. It was a perfect match for Luke Slater’s Mote-Evolver imprint that continues a fresh and consistent release schedule of heavy, driving techno records. Whether marked by their distinctive “Berghain sound”, their relentless intensity, or simply their affinity for the dance floor, Mote-Evolver’s releases remain unmatched for their quality. Now, having gathered together
some of the most seasoned techno producers, Mote-Evolver presents four remixes of Marcel Fengler’s “Thwack.”

The “Thwack Remixes” EP starts off with Norman Nodge’s percussive and dubby re-working of “Thwack”. Tense yet subdued, Nodge balances contrasting elements that bring the original recording into unseen new territories. Following second on the A-side is Luke Slater’s remix as Planetary Assault Systems, which expands upon the intensity of “Thwack.” Layered with thick, heavy bass, the PAS remix grabs hold with its entrancing low frequencies as well as its screeching and howling effects.

Mike Parker contributes his remix of “Thwack” on the B-side, which uses fuzzy effects and pulsing bass to create an atmospheric re-imagining of the track. Intriguing and mysterious, Parker’s remix charges the dance floor with an electric-like current ready to be struck by metaphorical sonic lightning.

The digital release includes an additional remix by LB Dub Corp, the moniker used by label-boss Slater for his deeper productions. Swirling and hypnotic, LB Dub Corp’s remix uses the pace of the original track and adds a bouncing bassline that rumbles forward, just as engaging as the original release.


Unofficial video for the “Planetary Assault Systems Remix”:

Video created by the29nov films.

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JunoDownload (digital) [3 tracks]
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zero-inch (digital) [4 tracks]
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Marcel Fengler

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