Exhibition: Friederike von Rauch “New works” incl. Music by Marcel Dettmann

Photos: Friederike Von Rauch
Music: Marcel Dettmann

New Works


Catalogue including CD

01. untitled

Exhibition period:
5th March til 16th April 2011
Wednesday to Saturday 2 – 7 pm, and by appointment

Kunstagenten Gallery
Linienstrasse 155
10115 Berlin

Info :
In the second solo exhibition by Friederike von Rauch, the gallery KUNSTAGENTEN will present new works from 2010.

In recent years the artist has made a name for herself with her approach to spaces and landscapes that is characterized by reduction and concentration. She was invited by the star architect David Chipperfield to interpret his project “Neues Museum” in Berlin, prior to its completion, guided by her unique passion for imperfection. The accompanying illustrated book published by Hatje Canz was presented with the DAM Architectural Book Award.

In the current exhibition two minimalist artists will encounter one another. Invited by Friederike von Rauch, the internationally renowned DJ and producer Marcel Dettmann has created a forty-minute-long piece made up of minimalist sound samples. Inspired by von Rauch’s latest works, Dettmann rolls out a carpet of sound for the artist. The exhibition “New Works” comprises of three work cycles: Ash (2010), Harpa (2010), and Transept (2009-2010). As in her earlier works, it is not about the documentation or the recognition value of a location. Instead, the photographs, which are devoid of people, are rather reminiscent of abstract painting or bizarre still lifes and create an extraordinary atmosphere, open for interpretation, which can be read to mean decampment or apocalypse.

The photographs in the series Ash and Harpa were produced during her residency programme in Iceland and the exhibition in Museum Hafnarborg held at the same time. For the series Ash, Friederike von Rauch photographed the otherwise green southern part of the island covered with a layer of grey, in close vicinity of the ash-emitting volcano Eyjafjallajökull. The landscape bathed in diffused light provides fascinating, expansive views of compelling beauty but also apocalyptic tranquillity.
The photographs for the series Harpa were shot in the shell construction of the Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik, which with the largest freestanding sculpture by the artist Olafur Eliasson to date will be a striking location in the city. Friederike von Rauch’s keen sense for the beauty of inconspicuous details is evident here. Dark rooms with bare, rough concrete walls in shades of grey are surrounded with just a few areas of light. Traces of things left behind, such as cables or plastic wrapping refer to the building process, however they trigger associations that are completely free of context.
For the series Transept, Friederike von Rauch has photographed Post-War Modernist churches in Berlin. Once again she has found spatial perspectives, objects and settings containing light and shade that become abstract as a result selected detail views. In clear compositions showing astounding painterly and haptic, aesthetic qualities, Friederike von Rauch gives the viewer an opportunity for contemplation and reflection.

Following her training as a silversmith Friederike von Rauch studied Industrial Design at the Universität der Künste, Berlin (Berlin University of the Arts). She developed an interest in architecture during her work as a location-scout for large film productions.
Her works were nominated for the Gabriele Münter Prize in 2010. She was also awarded with work scholarships by the Hafnarborg Museum, Iceland (2010), the Baer Art Center, Iceland (2008) and the Vlaams-Nederlands Huis deBuren institutes in Brussels (2006) and Rotterdam (2007).

Her works have been presented in several solo exhibitions, including the Hafnarborg Museum, Iceland (2010), the gallery KUNSTAGENTEN, Berlin (2009) Kabinet van Cultuur, Brussels (2008), the institute Vlaams-Nederlands Huis deBuren, Brussels (2007), and Gallery Fifty One Fine Art Photography, Antwerp (2007).
Among her group participations are exhibitions at the Architektur Galerie Berlin (2011), Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin in connection with the Gabriele Münter Prize 2010 and Vlaams-Nederlands Huis deBuren, Brussels, Belgium (2006). The publication containing photographs of the Neues Museum, produced in collaboration with David Chipperfield, was presented with the DAM Architectural Book Award. Parallel to the exhibition, “New Works”, photographs by Friederike von Rauch will also be on show in the Gallery Fifty One Fine Art Photography, Antwerp and in Kunstverein Heidelberg.

The DJ and producer Marcel Dettmann (*1977, Pössneck) has been a resident DJ at Ostgut, now Berghain, since 1999 and has worked at the Berlin record store Hardwax since 2006. Dettmann’s first production was released in 2006 on the Berghain label Ostgut Ton. The same year he founded his own label, Marcel Dettmann Records (MDR). His internationally much sought-after style is characterized by dark, minimal sounds based on the classic legacy of Detroit and Chicago. In 2010 he already collaborated with Friederike von Rauch, who designed the cover of his album “Dettmann”.

A catalogue will be published to accompany the exhibition. A limited edition of the publication will contain a CD with the sound composition by Marcel Dettmann.

Marcel Dettmann
F. von Rauch @ Kunstagenten
Exhibition NEW WORKS @ Kunstagenten
Ostgut Ton

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