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Release Date:
25th October 2010

3 x CD

CD1-01 Tuesday Is Nearly Over
CD1-02 Mountains 1
CD1-03 As Far As I Can See
CD1-04 Violins
CD1-05 A Little More Information
CD1-06 Homing Devices
CD1-07 Navigating The Nursery Slopes
CD1-08 Comrades (In A Moscow Hotel)
CD1-09 Personal Stereo
CD1-10 Electra
CD1-11 Slow Roller
CD1-12 Fast Music
CD1-13 Pre-Rocket Science
CD1-14 Pacifica
CD1-15 Throwing A Curve Ball
CD2-01 West Waves
CD2-02 All The Words For Snow
CD2-03 Sleeping Machines
CD2-04 Bruises
CD2-05 Nocturnal Walker
CD2-06 Homing Devices
CD2-07 Milkrace
CD2-08 Loop The Loop
CD2-09 Return To Telemark
CD2-10 We Are Not Built To Last
CD2-11 Lalo
CD2-12 Spies Of Rota
CD2-13 Rev A
CD2-14 Outer
CD2-15 Weightless Conditions
CD3-01 Number Three Channel Is Clear
CD3-02 King Of The Flight Simulator
CD3-03 In The Event Of Just Looking
CD3-04 Ursa Major
CD3-05 For Tonight
CD3-06 Mach One
CD3-07 Slow Drive
CD3-08 We Are Not Stationary
CD3-09 This Is The Place
CD3-10 IKB
CD3-11 Pleasure Driving
CD3-12 Open
CD3-13 Concentration To Brightness
CD3-14 Smoother

CD1 = BBC Peel Sessions, CD2 = B-sides, CD3 = Early EPs

Info :
This autumn, post-rock band Appliance release an epic 44 track compilation of Peel Sessions, B-sides and early EPs – their first release since 2003’s ‘Are You Earthed’ album. The 3-CD compilation, entitled ‘Re-conditioned’, is being released through the independent record label RROOPP, which specialises in high-quality compilations for independent bands.

The album brings together many of the band’s best moments in one package. CD1 features the four Peel Sessions that were recorded at the BBC Maida Vale studios between 1998 and 2002. This complete set of sessions includes a hypnotic early version of ‘Food Music’, which featured in John Peel’s ‘Festive 50’ in 1999, as well as a previously unreleased track, ‘Electra’.

CD 2 compiles unpolished and unheard demos, B-sides, and other rarities spanning the six years of the band, from low-fi beginnings to multi-layered productions. And CD3 assembles the band’s critically acclaimed three EP’s – two of which are available on CD for the first time – originally released before signing to Mute Records in 1999.

‘Re-conditioned’ highlights Appliance’s interest in experimentation and repetition, combined with a desire to produce first-class melodic songs. Throughout the compilation the band’s instrumentation approach varies from their original guitar, drums and bass set up, but the results are consistently inventive.
Appliance’s David Ireland said: “This is a major accomplishment for the band bringing together some really great creative moments that many Appliance fans won’t be aware of. CD 3 for example could easily have become the band’s debut LP, so it is great to finally see the 10” trilogy come together.”
James Brooks continued: “We never thought we would get to release the four BBC Peel Sessions. Not many bands would have enough material to fill a CD and it is a real pleasure to release these special recordings.”
And Michael Parker added: “We were impressed by the RROOPP label when they approached us to put together this record. Their previous releases have been great packages and very comprehensive. It’s taken a long time to put together but we are really happy with the results.”


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