31st July 2010: DJ Rush and other Kne’Deep artists @ Tresor Berlin

31 July 2010 | midnight | GOD BLESS THIS MESS

Another legend and frequent friend over the years DJ Rush headlines a night of Kne’Deep madness back in our two-floor residence tonight. The major Rush causes so much bangin storms that you will need to get plenty of rest before this night. Techno like you’ve never heard it before from the master of pounding beats. Sharing the decks are South America’s fantastic team Pet Duo who dazzle on three decks, and Portugal’s excellent Du’ArT. Upstairs in Globus two solid artists from Belgrade on Kne’Deep – Marko Nastic and Dejan Milicevic – are both no strangers to Tresor Club and always mystify the dancefloor with their stylistic and hypnotizing set of electronica. Vienna’s Bernd Isaac supports and before you know it, you’ve got a Kne’Deep rendezvous and an entire LONG night of amazing music! Brought to you by Kne’Deep and Tresor Club – partners in techno on the forefront…

– Marko Nastic (Kne’deep / Belgrad)
– Dejan Milicevic (Kne’deep / Belgrad)
– Bernd Isaac (Kne’deep / Wien)

– DJ Rush (Kne’deep / Chicago)
– Pet Duo (Kne’deep / Sao Paulo)
– Du’ArT (Kne’deep / Lisboa)


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