Savas Pascalidis – “Nuclear Rawmance” (Sweatshop Records)

Savas Pascalidis

Nuclear Rawmance

Sweatshop Records


Release Date:
15. June 2010

CD, 2xLP & digital

01. Logic State
02. Delta Ray
03. Get Down
04. Sonic Groove
05. Manipulator
06. Voyetra
07. Echoplex
08. Magic Orchestra
09. Interspace
10. Web Of Fear
11. Flash Point
12. Deep Inside Your Eyes

Info :
Honing his production skills for over 15 years now, the underground powerhouse that is German Dj Savas Pascalidis primes his third Longplayer. But this Album ‘Nuclear Rawmance’ is soundwise very different from Savas previous albums so it can clearly be seen as his first Longplayer in a new sea of sounds.
Having founded the Lasergun label, UFO, and recently his new Sweatshop imprint, the hard working analog-fanatic is riding a freshly cut wave of attention, after records like his ‘Web of Fear’ on Figure SPC, and the seminal cut ‘Deep Inside Your Eyes’.
Over 12 masterfully produced cuts, all created in his studio using a veritable bank of hardware, Savas pours out his musical heart. From tough, old school edged house, to raw, jacking techno, dub atmospheres and smokey warehouse epics, its all here!
Opening track ‘Logic State’ sets the tone beautifully, with solid state drums forming the crisp backbone to all the tracks found on the album. Glistening and transforming over nearly 9 minutes, its a deep, heavy slice of future techno. The vibe is then maintained as tracks like ‘Get Down’ and ‘Sonic Groove’ apply funky hooks and minimalist aesthetics to the modern underground house sound.
‘Manipulator’ has a deep European techno soul at its core, pumping and mutating across a heavy canvas of dubbed sonics and powerful bass energies, as does the fantastic phasing swagger of ‘Echo Plex’. There are more than enough monsters to keep DJs happy here, and also a very high quality of sound throughout, that ensures repeat listening!
Neo-Detroit anthem ‘Magic Orchestra’ will have everyone’s hands firmly in the air, while the spooky dubbed out chimes of ‘Interspace’ chill things out for a moment, before the album final assault.
The freak-out bomb ‘Web of Fear’ features here, from Pascalidis’ recent Figure SPC outing, and also comes hand in hand with the technoid acid of ‘Flash Point’ and the incredible ‘Deep Inside Your Eyes’, the concluding bass-heavy floor killer!
Considering the sheer volume of upfront, insistent and downright funky tracks on offer here, its reassuring to hear that Savas is locked in at the controls after all these years, perfecting his art and consistently and devilishly delivering the pressure where its needed. We’re sure you’ll be head over heels, trapped in his ‘Nuclear Rawmance’…!


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Savas Pascalidis
Sweatshop Records

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