Solitary Experiments – In The Eye Of The Beholder

Solitary Experiments

In The Eye Of The Beholder

Out Of Line

OUT 377|378

Release Date:
23rd October 2009


1-01. Words Of Wisdom
1-02. Rise And Fall
1-03. Immortal (Album)
1-04. Road To Horizon
1-05. Darkness Falls
1-06. Dead And Gone
1-07. Point Of View
1-08. Déjà Vu
1-09. Seele Bricht V2.0
1-10. Worst Case Scenario
1-11. A Rush Of Ecstasy
1-12. No Surrender
2-01. Rise And Fall (Colony 5 Remix)
2-02. Immortal (Cephalgy Remix)
2-03. Point Of View (Diskonnekted Remix)
2-04. Rise And Fall (Final Illusion Remix)
2-05. Immortal (Heimataerde Remix)
2-06. Road To Horizon (Millimetric Remix)
2-07. Darkness Falls (Plastic Noise Experience Remix)
2-08. Immortal (Miss Peppermint’s Midnight Mix)
2-09. Rise And Fall (Coke And Hookers Overdose Mix) *
2-10. Darkness Falls (Until The End Remix) +
2-11. Point Of View (Leather Strip Remix)
2-12. Rise And Fall (ES23 Remix 1st)
2-13. Rise And Fall (Societal Collapse Remix) #
2-14. Rise And Fall (Reizstrom Remix 3rd)

* By Sinessence/Suessenborn
+ By Controlled Collapse
# By Pulse State

Info :
The Berlin-based trio Solitary Experiments has long since understood the fact that good electronic music will require more than bringing together some synthesizer presets with some cuddly beats. Thus, on the new album „In The Eye Of The Beholder“, the band lays just as much emphasis on good song writing, catchy melodies and multi-faceted arrangements as on club-compatible beats and solid bass. The anthemic Electro-tracks keep the delicate balance between catchiness and a thorough dose of power that keeps them from ever drifting into Pop-muzak realms. Effectively carried by Dennis Schober’s warm voice and spiced up with a lot of emotional depth, “In The Eye Of The Beholder” becomes a picture perfect example of how intelligent electronic music in a field of tension between melody and club-appeal should sound. The album will be released as a double CD including a bonus disc with remixes, rarities and unreleased tracks. Club sounds with a lot of soul!

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Solitary Experiments
Out Of Line

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