For some individuals career choices seem to just turn out naturally. Julius Debler aka Introversion is one of them: “I never planned a music career, it just happened. I started creating music in my early childhood.” The 22- year-old Berliner-by-choice who defines himself as a producer, sound designer and DJ is part of the new breed of young electronic musicians who are right now entering the world of techno, changing it and creating their own unique space on the scene.

Introversion has managed to make quite a name of himself if you consider that he only has a few published releases under his name so far. Two solid outputs hit shelves in 2016: “Overnight” on Your Mother Naked and the “Aftermath EP” on Concepts Of Time, both of these leading up to last years release on Arts Collective – the very well-received “Dystopia”. A well-produced diverse three-track techno EP that already has the rumour on the internet of being a contemporary classic.

For Introversion the producer, drums play an important part in his compositions (it was the first instrument he laid his hands on in adolescent years), many of them being breakbeat focused – not just the odd track here and there, it is definitely something that defines his style over and over again. Other common denominators in his work are the continuous exploration of infusing his furious dark 90’s inspired techno with melancholic trance elements. Drums in full attack or wild synth stabs often get calmed from an emerging wave of classic trance chords finding their way into the arrangement. The way Introversion carefully picks out and introduces these old school-components, not being scared of their effect upon incorporating them, is what makes his tracks sound so fresh and invigorating.

As a DJ, Introversion creates a diverse combination of tracks sprung out of hard, forceful techno. His sets consist mainly out of new or unreleased material, drawing inspiration from 90’s and 00’s techno, rave and trance and from there bridging a way to well-selected classics. To find the right balance for the journey, emphasis lies as much on seeking out the track with the perfect severe kick drum, as well as the one containing the right atmospheric moment: “I love to play melodies and harmonic stuff, not just drum jams. But always quite hard”.

So far there are two solo releases in the pipeline for 2018, both for Berlin based labels – one for Arts Collective to follow up the success of “Dystopia” and the other for Konflkt (where he did a remix for Dotwav in 2017). Arts will also publish a new vinyl collection where Introversion contributes one track, continuing the fruitful relationship with the label. To top things of, there is also a forthcoming remix of techno colleague Marla Singer’s “Go Again” set for release on Bipolar Disorder later this year.


EPs & Albums (featured on our blog):
“Hush EP” on ARTS Records
“REM EP” on ARTS Records
“Onryo” on ARTS Records
“Laika” on ARTS Records
“Dystopia” on ARTS Records
“Call To Adventure” on Konflkt
“Hell On Earth” on Emerald


Compilation Contributions (featured on our blog):
“Essential Memories III” on Emerald
“We Are Not Alone (Part 1)” on BPitch Control
“ISMVA003.1” on Ismus
“Sammelwerk 2” on Konflkt
“Essential Memories” on Emerald
“Golden Circle 2” on Code Is Law


Remixes (featured on our blog):
SHDW & Obscure Shape’s “Bisswunden”
Nicolas Bougaïeff’s “Flying High”
Blue Hour’s “Solace”
Sustention’s “Sun”
Stigmatique’s “Somewhere At Nowhere”
Ellen Alien’s “Love Distortion”
Dotwav’s “Vilnus”


NovaFuture Blog Streams (Tracks & Remixes):


Our Very Own Mix:


Mixes (summed up by himself):


Mutual Obsession for Introversion


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