Hioll has become one of the main influences within the rising Cuban electronic music scene. Respected and admired not only in his homeland of Cuba, but among the entire techno community of the world.

Established Abstraction in 2017, the first electronic music label ever in Cuba’s history and which is dedicated to showing the most outstanding talents from the island. But that has subsequently evolved to welcome new international artists and, as such, become a widely supported source of dance-floor cuts.

As a producer, Hioll’s tracks exist in a powerful climax, which looks simultaneously from the most daring and strange hypnotic techno to the most bizarre and industrial. He has many successful releases in respected and well known labels, being played and supported by big industry names.

This suggests a versatile artist with a strong personality, capable of generating rich and truly unique ideas and, eventually, translating them into a varied context of unprecedented sound experiences.


Singles, EPs & Albums (featured on our blog):
EP “Mercury’s Conquest” on Abstraction
album “Velvet Revolution” on Abstraction
EP “Subdued Nation” on Moments In Time
“War Anthems EPP” on Suara
“No Good Manners EP” on Abstraction
“And A Light Blinded Us” on Abstraction
“Convulso EP” on Bipolar Disorder
“Pagan Tools (Remixed)” on Abstraction
“Pagan Tools EP” on Abstraction
“Hioll 004” on his own imprint
“Hioll 003” on his own imprint
“Hioll 002” on his own imprint
“Hioll 001” on his own imprint
“Desorden EP” on Trau-Ma
“Fisura EP” on DRVMS Ltd.
“Paranormal Activity EP” on Knowledge Recordings
“Signals EP” on Suara
“Lights EP” on Abstraction
“Essays EP” on Take More Music Records
“Phobia EP” on Flash Recordings


Compilation Contributions (featured on our blog):
“Various Artists 001” on WIR Records
“Serpent Series III (Drop 3)” on Voxnox Records
“VA Compilation Vol. 001” on LUCIDMIND Records
“3 Years Of Abstraction” on Abstraction
“Pronomina II” on Substantiv
“Public Hostility Pt. 1” on Civil Unrest
“Abstract Weapons Vol. 6” on Abstraction
“Planet MHz I” on MHz
” Abstract Weapons Vol. 5″ on Abstraction


Remixes (featured on our blog):
“Narcissus” by BRÄLLE
“Against The Current” by Daniel Heinrich feat. Disguised
Verschwender’s “Души”
Samuel L. Session’s “B52”
Cristian Varela’s “Addiction”
Eònan’s “Mental Disaggregation”


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Mixes (summed up by himself):


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