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Release Date:
25th November 2016






Man In Jungle



Press Info:
After 4 weeks and releasing the track “Organic” Mark Groot’s recent project with Novafuture ends here – his EP “Influence” is complete.

Here’s what Mark has to tell us about the tracks of his EP:

The first track of my EP ‘Influence’ was something new for me to make. A 122 BPM track with a duration of more than 7 minutes. Easy listenable but still very moody If you ask me. I actually always wanted to make a track like this. After releasing the track someone sent me a message on Soundcloud saying: “To me this is the perfect track, the one you can play on repeat and nobody notices it’s been on forever.” This was a huge compliment for me cause this was the exact feeling I wanted to create. I’ll let you guys decide If I succeed. My biggest influence of this track would probably be the tracks of two producers. The first one would be DVS1. He is a master in using very few elements and still make you forget the perception of time. Second influence was a demo of Yogg I heard. This was for me the direct reason to start making my track ‘Directions’. I remember hearing the track while I was at work. For 7 minutes I was fully focused on how he let his track develop, just awesome.

Track two, ‘Centered’ is a track I really enjoyed making. I think in this track I’m strongly influenced by some tracks that all got that nervosity in them, but still are very flowy. Tracks made by Faithless or Ben Klock for example.

The track ‘Man in Jungle’ was really a track of which I had no idea how it would turn out. It was just pure processing. So just starting a project and see where it would end. But still I think you can clearly hear some influences in this one. On the one hand you can hear that beeping sonar ish techno sound but on the other hand there is that African percussion influence.

My last track is called ‘Organic’. Its named liked that cause of the way it was created. Also in this one I used very few elements. Once I got all the elements I pressed record and created the track just with a MIDI tool. Felt very organic and natural to make this one. When the question came what my influences were in this track I had to think for a while. I think its just electronic music in general what influenced me. You can hear the repetitive pattern electronic music can have clearly.

Last of all, very cliché but very needed, I wanna thanks Jürgen, owner of Novafuture, for this great collaboration. Hope to do many more 😉

You can buy the EP via his Bandcamp.


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Mark Groot


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