[Photo Gallery]: Selection Of Photos by Paul Krause (Platin)


Artist (Photography):
Paul Krause


Paul Krause’s photographs are characterized by their clarity. In his works he is always targeted on clear language of form. He always made the right mood and skilfully combines authentic individuals with brutalistic and clear architecture. In hiis work there mostly follows with very significant and dominating shadows.

With this kind of pictures, he could confince very well-known techno artists all over Europe like Luke Slater aka Planetary Assault Systems, Jeroen Search, Dustin Zahn, Jonas Kopp, Chus & Ceballos, Micol Danieli just to name a few.

This earned him a comfortable timetable and he traveled all the way German cities such as Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Innsbruck and meanwhile in europes biggest metropoles like Amsterdam, Paris, London and Madrid.

In addition to its own exhibitions and Vernissages, Paul has another division found to spread his work which has gladly welcomed him. Not only by his shootings, convinced Paul Krause, now his work is carefully selected by various record companies.

As Christian Gerlach, head of Lanthan.audio recognized his talent, he offered him exclusive
to be responsible for the cover photographs. These form the basis for the vinyl cover and artwork and so underline the overall concept and portray Lanthan.audio.
The goal is to break boundaries without to lose the reference to architecture, music and photography.

These cover in turn strengthened Paul’s bridges in the scene and ensured so for new networks.

So Paul Krause is now working as a photographer and Booker for the new, very well-established party Drom, Paris. If you reflect all the views of his age, we know that a promising future lies ahead. We wish Paul all the best!

Text by Christian Gerlach



Photo by Paul Krause

Photo by Paul Krause

Photo by Paul Krause

Photo by Paul Krause

Photo by Paul Krause

Photo by Paul Krause

Photo by Paul Krause

Photo by Paul Krause

© / Photos by Paul Krause


Paul Krause
Paul Krause aka Platin @ Facebook


out now: Jeff Rushin – Decline Into EP [Wall Music]


Jeff Rushin


Decline Into EP


Wall Music




Release Date:
19th October 2015


12inch & digital


Decline Into Space

Decline Into Shadows

Decline Into Chaos

Decline Into Chaos
(Edit Select Remix)


Press Info:
Amsterdam-based producer and DJ Jeff Rushin is back for his third release on Wall Music. Already well-known in his hometown for the legendary ON AND ON events and accompanying label, Rushin had a massive year by signing to the mighty Mote Evolver for a full artist EP that dropped in September.

For his return to Wall Music, Rushin delivers a true signature track: Layers of sounds, injected with a sense of depth, warmth and energy. Bare minimalism effectively combined with blunt force. To complete the Wall Music package, techno mainstay Edit Select delivered a driving remix.




Full Track Streaming:
“Decline Into Chaos (Edit Select Remix)”


“Ohm Podcast 37”


EP “A Figment Of His Imagination” by Jeff Rushin on Mote-Evolver
EP “Desolation Remixed” by P.E.A.R.L. w/ Rushin rmx on Weekend Circuit
compilation “Wall Selection 003” on Wall Music


Buy Vinyl:
more soon


Buy Digital:




Jeff Rushin
Wall Music


[Mix]: Silent-One – Sonorous Episode #27




Listen & Download:
“Sonorous Episode #27”


Finally .. it took a long time until Silent-One, one of the residents at From Another Mind, delivered his first podcast. Here is his mix for Sonorous Wave.

Text via Sonorous
It might be that the artist name is not the most typical choice, but his music is an expression of his personaltiy and inner voice. Starting as a DJ in 2015, his sets are a mix of deep, melodic and minimalistic sounds. Benedikt aka Silent-One is a member of the well known event series „From Another Mind“ based in Southern Germany. Let the music speak!


Sonorous Wave


© Photo By Maximilian Kamps

02nd October 2015: Code Is Law Showcase @ Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)


Code Is Law Showcase


Dates & Time:
02nd October 2015 at 11:59pm


Line-up & Timetable:
00:00 – 02:00 Janzon
02:00 – 03:00 Under Black Helmet live
03:00 – 05:00 Mørbeck
05:00 – 06:00 Sawlin live
06:00 – end Janzon B2B Mørbeck


Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
10 EUR


Press Info:
First Code Is Law Label Night in Berlin!

Code Is Law was founded in 2013 by Mørbeck – known from Vault Series and Grounded Theory Berlin. It offers a platform for him and other artists to develop and release creative electronic music. The focus of the label is based on the unique and stand alone nature of the tracks. The music genre is not important, rather it is the raw and deep theme of the tracks that are paramount.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Janzon – “45 Minutes Of Techno”

Under Black Helmet – “CIL Promo Dj Mix 01.07.2015”

Mørbeck – “CTM Festival at Panoramabar 31.01.2014 ”

Sawlin – “Full Range – Blank Code 160 Podcast”


Mørbeck – “Pleasure To Burn”

Janzon – “Twisted Dust”

Sawlin – “Alpra”

Under Black Helmet – “Have You Ever Had a Dream”

Mørbeck – “Holy K”

Janzon – “Rove Contact”

Sawlin – “Kontraktion”

Mørbeck – “Weapon’s In Your Head”

Videos “Twisted Dust”, “Alpra”, “Kontraktion”, “Pleasure To Burn” & “Weapon’s In Your Head” created by the29nov films. Videos “Rove Contact”, “Have You Ever Had a Dream” & “Holy K” created by ThousandBits.


sampler EP “Movies For The Blind” on Code Is Law
EP “Vault Series 14.0” by Sawlin on Vault Series
sampler EP “Wolves” on Code Is Law
EP “Teens On Fire” by Mørbeck on Code Is Law
EP “Vault Series 9.0” by Mørbeck on Vault Series


Code Is Law
Arena Club