13th June 2015: Torstrassen Off Stage by Your Mom’s Agency @ Mein Haus Am See, Berlin (Germany)


Torstrassen Festival


OFF Stage @ Torstrassen Festival


Dates & Time:
13th June 2015 at 4.00pm


Line-up Day (from 4pm):
Andreas Krach live
Obi Blanche live improvisation
Mad Kate & The Tide live
Infinite Livez live
Rodeo live


Line-up Night (from 10pm):
Infinite Livez
Obi Blanche
Das She Cray
Carne B2B Soundvector


Mein Haus Am See/Cosmic Kaspar, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba Euros


Press Info (English):
Your Mom’s & Mein Haus Am See present “Torstrassen OFF Stage” on Saturday June the 13th day & night at Mein Haus Am See & Cosmic Kaspar.

A live & DJ lineup featuring some of Berlin’s urban & experimental beats or happening up-and-coming or iconic actors: spoken word by Lady Gaby, performance by Mad Kate & The Tide, live impro by Obi Blanche, concerts by Andreas Krach, Infinite Livez & Rodeo, DJ sets by Carne, Das She Cray, Soundvector & more.

Take a step back from the techno scene and enjoy a day with Berlin’s underground live heroes: queer queen Mad Kate, melodic tech wizard Obi Blanche, approachable experimental wise man Andreas Krach, atmospheric hip-hop mellow man Infinite Livez, hippop rep Rodeo and the celebrated word warrior Lady Gaby.

As for the evening program, stay with us to (re)discover live musicians this time behind the decks: Obi Blanche, Rodeo & Infinite Livez will spin some urban electro tunes. Later at night, it will be Das She Cray, Carne & Soundvector’s turn to make you dance till morning… And the icing on the cake, a showcase of Serigraffeur Gallery’s best recent street art exhibits featuring Elna, Peter Phobia, Dave The Chimp & Prost.


Press Info (German):
Your Mom’s & Mein Haus Am See präsentieren euch die ‚Torstrassen OFF Stage‘ am Samstag den 13. Juni – Tag & Nacht im Mein Haus Am See & Cosmic Kaspar.

Euch erwarten Konzerte und DJ-Sets mit zahlreichen urbanen experimentellen Berliner Beats und Wundern, sowie Newcomern und ikonischen Persönlichkeiten der Hauptstadt, wie: Spoken Word von Lady Gaby, eine Performance von Mad Kate & The Tide, live Improvisation von Obi Blanche, Konzerte von Andreas Krach, Infinite Livez & Rodeo, und DJ Sets von Carne, Das she Cray, Soundvector und mehr.

Mal was anderes! Lasst einmal los von der Technoszene und genießt Live-Musik der heutigen berliner Untergrund Helden: queer queen Mad Kate, der melodische Tech-Zauberer Obi Blanche, zugängliche Experimentalität von Andreas Krach, athmosphärischer Hip-hop von Infinite Livez, der berüchtigte Hip-Popper Rodeo und die gefeierte Wortakrobatin Lady Gaby.

Zum Abendprogramm lassen sich einige dieser Künstler dann auch hinter den Decks wiederfinden. So werden Obi Blanche, Rodeo & Infinite Livez mit einigen ihre urbanen Electronica Tracks den Tag gemütlich ausklingen lassen. Im Anschluss übernehmen Das She Cray, Carne & Soundvector um euch bis in die frühen Morgenstund en wach zu halten. Das Sahnehäubchen ist ein Showcase einer Auswahl der besten Street Artists der Galerie Serigraffeur, unter anderem Elna, Peter Phobia, Dave the Chimp & Prost.




Infinite Livez – “Funk and Soul mix”

Obi Blanche – “LA In My Mind”

Rodeo – “Sissy May Bae Mix”

Das She Cray – “Suck It Up”

Carne – “Carne Mix For Sceen FM January 2015”


Andreas Krach – “Krach Der Roboter”

Obi Blanche – “Fully Improvised Analogue Set at Lomo Store”

Mad Kate & The Tide – “Only One Person”

Infinite Livez – “Live at Urban Spree in Berlin on 20-7-2013”

Rodeo – “Final Light”


Your Mom’s Agency
Torstrassen Festival
Mein Haus Am See


out now: Various – Xperimental Sound Lab [Thalamus Lab]




Xperimental Sound Lab


Thalamus Lab




Release Date:
18th May 2015




Clicks & Keys
Nie Jeden Raz

Logical Disorder

Alpha Cephei

Exon 3




Matthew Burnett
Composite 04

Vertical Noise

Davic Nod
Lucid Dreaming


Press Info:
The XSL album launch will be on Monday, 18th of May. The release consists of a 10-track album by various artists who joined the open collaboration. The album will be presented as a free digital release, with the option to pay for it if you want to support the project.

The XSL project compiled sounds from more than 50 artists around the world, thereby developing a sound library for the production of the album. Sounds were made available online for free and after three months the open collaboration closed with 37 entries, from which we made a selection for the compilation.

The XSL started with the idea of integrating social creativity in the compositional process. The aim is to develop a culture of interaction and exchange and to raise a creative community striving for innovation; thus facilitating the emergence of new ideas. The XSL will be presented at Sónar Festival by Davic Nod who will play a set with the sounds collected for the project.

In case you are interested, it is still possible to get for free the collection of +2 GB of sounds including recordings from sound installations, the new instrument Arpasauro inspired by harp and organ, underwater recordings with a custom made hydrophone, field-recordings of wild insects, frogs, rain, thunderstorms, sea waves, planes, machines, samples of ceramics, stones, household percussion, vinyl crackle, a clavichord, a violin, a japanese choir, a vocal of a poem, analog synthesizers, drones, pads, sci-fi soundscapes…

The tracks includes sounds by: Hen Lovely Bird, Arnold Brooks, Davic Nod, Giuseppe Gavazza, Justin Gregoire, Pluja de Metall, Vertical Noise, Kyle Evans, Katarrhaktes, Jef Aerts, Toko Okuda, Hans-Henning Korb, Chang Park, Kate Sweater, Robert Vodanovic?, Skywire, Spencer Hutchinson, Turner Gillespie, Daniel Blinkhorn, M. Wissar, Arsenije Jovanovic, Marco Madia, Akkamiau, JQR, Kamil, Redquel, Ribes, Delusions, HII Regions, Array Access, David Flood, Xtrngr, Gabriela Parra, AfroDJMac, Francesco Torelli, Alpha Cephei, Felix Blume, Jovica Storer, Dave Pape, Tessa Elief, Dizzy Banjo, Suonho, PJCohen, Virotic, Bram, Freed, SubFeld, Sandyrb, RHumphries, Richard Frohlich, Batchku, Patchen, Than van Nispen, Melack, PoisedToGlitch, Spt3125, Nirtana, Lost Chocolate Lab, J. Simon van der Walt, Koops, Milo, ERH, AlienXXX, Tombola, Lectronice and Terhen.


Full Track Streaming:


“Everybody Loves Thalamus-lab”

“Thaeta”, Movement-based interactive audiovisual performance


Davic Nod – “Dark Matter”


@ Bandcamp


Thalamus Lab


05th June 2015: Green Ray *15 | LUX curated by Marcel Dettmann @ Lux Frágil, Lisbon (Portugal)


Green Ray


Green Ray *15 | LUX curated by Marcel Dettmann


Dates & Time:
05th June 2015 at 11.00pm


Line-up & timetable:
Marcel Dettmann
Fixmer/McCarthy live
Ryan Elliott
Answer Code Request live
Dario Zenker
Anthony Parasole


Lux Frágil, Lisbon (Portugal)


Admission fee:


Press Info:
Marcel Dettmann
Inherent to the idea of what makes a DJ great, is the notion that he also has to be a dedicated and rigorous selector, knowledgeable of the music and in tune to what his audience needs. Marcel Dettmann has become a global force in techno because he fulfills that role like very few. And if he is one of the definitive names in the genre, it´s because his selection skills go beyond the dancefloor and extend to his work on Marcel Dettmann Records. Dettmann masterfully combines proven names with exciting unknowns, and treats each release as a fundamental statement in sharing an aesthetic. So, it´s about much more that being “handy” with a set of turntables. Dettmann also has an unwavering belief in the power of techno as a form of expression of ideas and emotions. The power of a line-up like the one he chose for this night lays to rest what few doubts could be had about that. In this genre, Marcel Dettmann has the equivalent to the touch of King Midas. And tonight, Lux is his kingdom and we are his willing subjects.

Some people say that social tensions and the fears originated by globalization have a lot to do with the recent surge of interest in industrial techno and Electronic Body Music (EBM). Something similar, after all, to the environment of the mid-80s, with the effects of the Cold War still being felt. when the very influential Nitzer Ebb ascended in England. Their vocalist, Douglas J McCarthy, became the quintessential frontman in the genre, with a stage persona halfway between an automathon with bad intentions and a perverted businessman. Through songs like “Control l´m Here”, “Join In The Chant” and “Let Your Body Learn”, Nitzer Ebb not only defined EBM, they also made a deep impression in dance music, an influence acknowledged by Marcel Dettmann himself and also as demonstrated by various remixes and bootlegs by people like Dubfire, Derrick May, X-Press 2 or his partner in crime in the Fixmer/McCarthy project, french producer Terrence Fixmer. On his own, Terrence is a connoisseur of the dense atmospheres of dark techno, with a solid career sustained by releases on International DJ Gigolo, Electric Deluxe and CLR. What we are about to witness at Lux is the result of the meeting of these two burning minds. A fusion of martial dance rhythms and ferocious vocals conceived to discipline our bodies in the dance.

Ryan Elliott
Pedigree is really important in the matters related to dance music. Ryan Elliott´s is undeniable : Detroit is his city of origin, after all. But since 2007 he´s made Berlin his home, inhabiting comfortably it´s two most famous rooms, Berghain and Panorama Bar. That´s where he got his reputation of being the quickest shot in Berlin, due to his vertiginous and technical mixing style, punctuated by loops and FX. As you can easily gather, he´s got versatility in spades too, and with these qualities, he became a reliable workhorse of the scene, with regular spots on the Ostgut Ton schedule and respected by the natives, like Marcel Dettmann. But at no point, Elliott rests on these laurels. His hunger for new music and his unwielding desire to keep sharing it, and entertain others while entertaining himself in the booth, are now as urgent as on his 1st day. His presence in this line-up is like the glue that keeps all the pieces of the puzzle imagined by Dettmann together.

Answer Code Request
It´s been proven for a long time that there´s life in techno beyond the 4/4, and Patrick Gräser proves to be a firm believer in this notion with his Answer Code Request alias. The irregular rhythms that usually form the basis of his compositions displayed on Ostgut Ton or MDR, are as thundering as the most fistpump-worthy straight techno, but induce different motions in the increasing number of people dancing to his beat, with it´s unexpected patterns. Filling the space between kicks, Patrick masterfully balances beauty and dirt, IDM and rave influences, which give his work a timeless character. It´s not easy to achieve this nowadays, but Answer Code Request managed to carve a niche for himself in current techno, turning productions like the ones he will show in this live-act, into landmark pieces. Alternatively euphoric and bristling with menace, it´s a veritable low-end tornado that will be unleashed on Lux´s dancefloor. But don´t run for shelter, let yourself be carried by the winds.

Dario Zenker
If there are any names that represent the current “state of the art” in techno, in 2015, those are the names of Dario and Marco Zenker, the Zenker Brothers, and their label Ilian Tape. At the label, artists like Stenny, Andrea and Skee Mask, are amongst the most inventive and exciting that we´ve heard in recent months. As for the Zenkers, their recent debut album, “Immersion” is lauded by critics, fans and… Marcel Dettmann. Marcel even went all the way and wrote a magazine article about the record, that´s how impressed he was by it, and you can almost visualize that as soon as he started thinking about this edition of Green Ray, he picked up the phone to call Dario Zenker, the more productive of the two brothers. Dario´s music, which can be found, aside from Ilian Tape, on Peter Van Hoesen´s Time To Express and on MDR, is detailed and propulsive, managing innovation in a genre where you think you´ve heard it all. Off-kilter and grainy, it´s music that Marcel says he loves to play out because the audience finds it weird at first, but when it clicks, the whole energy of the room goes through the roof. Just in case, we´re already preparing ourselves to cover the cracks that Dario Zenker will open in ours.

Anthony Parasole
MDR has long left behind any eurocentrism, and pointed sights to the other side of the Atlantic to find new techno gems. Marcel Dettmann has established with New York a sound bridge similar to the one that, more than two decades ago, connected Berlin and Detroit, and his connexion with Anthony Parasole is the most significant of this techno brotherhood. Dettmann gave Parasole´s label, The Corner, one of his best production in recent times, “Take One”, while Anthony has been releasing on Ostgut Ton and MDR, and is now a full-fledged Berghain resident. Parasole´s visit to Lux some months ago left no doubt on anyone on why this has happened. On that night, Parasole treated Lux as if it had called him bad names in rush-hour traffic and explained to us what a techno DJ really is, not even giving us any time to ask questions, with a crunching performance similar to Danny Tenaglia or Junior Vasquez on a bad mood day. It´s street techno full of tricks learnt on the toughest corners of New York, in your face, at Lux.

Words Nuno Mendonça

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


DJ Sets:
Answer Code Request – “NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2013”

Marcel Dettmann – “BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix”

Dario Zenker – “PoleGroup Radio 11.07”

Anthony Parasole – “XLR8R 375”

Ryan Elliott – “Live @ Beatport Berlin 2011”


Fan Videos:
Fixmer/McCarthy – “Banging On The Door”

Fixmer/McCarthy – “Destroy”

Fixmer/McCarthy – “Tonight I Sleep”

Fixmer/McCarthy – “I Run”

Fixmer/McCarthy – “Freefall”

Videos by Nera Jezebel Ebbhead


Marcel Dettmann – “Silex”

Marcel Dettmann – “Planning”

Dario Zenker – “Growin”

Ryan Elliott – “Stepmode”

Answer Code Request – “Biokenetik”

Videos created by the29nov films.


Answer Code Request album “Code” on Ostgut Ton
“MDR Compilation” on Marcel Dettmann Records
Marcel Dettmann album “Dettmann II” on Ostgut Ton
Terence Fixmer album “Depth Charged” on CLR
Douglas McCarthy album “Kill Your Friends” on Pylon Records


Marcel Dettmann
Ryan Elliott
Answer Code Request
Dario Zenker
Anthony Parasole
Lux Fragil


26th June 2015: Paranoia @ Griessmühle, Berlin (Germany)






Date & Time:
26th June 2015 2014 at 11:00pm


Robert Görl live
Christoph de Babalon live
Goner live
D. Carbone
DJ Flush
Sebastian Kökow
Cash Group
the29nov films visuals
The White Rabbit installation


Griessmühle, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info (German):
Nach einer ersten Ausgabe im letzten Jahr mit Gesloten Cirkel und I-F tun sich Killekill und Moments zum zweiten Mal zusammen, um ihre Paranoia gemeinsam auszuleben. Die Grießmühle ist diesmal der Ort der Wahl.

Highlight des Abends wird sicherlich der Live-Auftritt von ROBERT GÖRL, den man auch als Drummer und Chef-Elektroniker von DAF kennt. Mit ihrem rohen, minimalistischen Sound und dem experimentellen Umgang mit der Elektronik schrieben er und Gabi Delgado Musikgeschichte und werden von vielen Musikkritikern neben Kraftwerk und Can zu den weltweit einflussreichsten Gruppen im Bereich der elektronischen Musik gezählt.

ROBERT GÖRL hat allerdings auch als Solo-Künstler einiges vorzuweisen. Es würde den Rahmen sprengen, all dies hier aufzuzählen. Tatsache ist, dass er ein Freigeist geblieben ist und sich seine Punk-Attitüde bis heute erhalten hat: Sein aktuelles Album “Glücksritter”, das er heute live bei uns präsentiert, gibt es aus Protest gegen die zunehmende Ausbeutung der Musiker in der Musikindustrie weder irgendwo zu kaufen noch zu hören. Man kann es nur live erleben. Das ist die bisher konsequenteste Haltung eines Künstlers in der überkapitalisierten Musikindustrie, in der große musikferne Konzerne wie Youtube, Google etc. Milliarden verdienen, während es heißt, es gäbe kein Geld für die Künstler, bzw. diese dazu genötigt werden, sich mit endlosen Live-Auftritten über Wasser zu halten.

Mit Live-Sets von Noise-/Breakcore-Künstler CHRISTOPH DE BABALON und dem Noise/Dub-Experten GONER, (aka Martin Maischein, auch bekannt als Heinrich at Hart durch seine Releases auf Position Chrome oder als eine Hälfte von Sandbenders), und Dj-Sets von I/Y, DJ FLUSH und vielen musikalischen Freunden ist außerdem für ein vielfältig-fettes Programm drum herum gesorgt.

Abgerundet wird die Sache durch eine thematisch passende interaktive Video-Installation “Membrains” vom Neuköllner Künstler THE WHITE RABBIT und Visuals vom Kollektiv THE29NOV FILMS, die uns auf dem Mainfloor ihre Paranoia auf die Linsen projizieren werden. Sie verschneiden thematisch passendes Filmmaterial, zum Teil in Abstimmung mit den Musikern. So wird auf Christoph de Babalons Wunsch Roman Polanskis “Repulsion” während seines Auftrittes verschnitten.

Veranstaltung @ Facebook
Veranstaltung @ Resident Advisor


Press Info (English):
Black eyes and white lights. Darkness crawling into my head. They are coming after me. Electric paranoia

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor



Trailer created by the29nov films.


Robert Görl

Christoph de Babalon – “Exclusive Mix for Tom Ravenscroft – BBC Radio 6”

Goner – “Live @ Krake Festival 2012”

I/Y – “NovaFuture Mix March 2013”

D. Carbone – “Slash Dot Dash Podcast 037”

DJ Flush – “Boiler Room Berlin”

Alienata – “NovaFuture Mix April 2014”

Sebastian Kökow – “NovaFuture Mix January 2014”

renKen – “By Three On The Trees Mix 07.2009”

3.14 – “The Forgotten XXXI”


Fan Videos:
Robert Görl – “Love In Mind”

Robert Görl – “Mit Dir (Extended)”


I/Y – “Primary”

I/Y – “0000.059”

Videos created by the29nov films.




06th June 2015: What They Really Want To Play @ Humboldthain, Berlin (Germany)


What They Really Want to Play


What They Really Want to Play with Lab.our Music & Emphasis Recordings


Dates & Time:
06th June 2015 at 11.59pm


Basic Soul Unit
Steven Tang aka Obsolete Music Technology live
Jason Ulrich ak J-UL
Maxwell Church


Humboldthain, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba Euros


Press Info:
What They Really Want to Play is featuring a showcase of Toronto label Lab.our Music run by Basic Soul Unit & Jason Ulrich and Emphasis recordings, owned by chicago artist Steven Tang

Event @ Resident Advisor
Event @ Facebook


Basic Soul Unit – “AYLI Podcast #37”

Steven Tang – “Humboldthain Tapes # 11”

Jason Ulrich – “Labour Podcast 01”

Maxwell Church – “Labour Podcast 03”


What They Really Want to Play