out in June: Depeche Mode release 2nd remix album [Mute Records]

Depeche Mode

Remixes 2: 81-11

Mute Records


Release Date:
6th June 2011

different CD formats, vinyl & digital

1-Disc version:
CD01. Dream On (Bushwacka Tough Guy Mix Edit)
CD02. Personal Jesus (The Stargate Mix)
CD03. Suffer Well (M83 Remix)
CD04. John The Revelator (UNKLE Reconstruction)
CD05. In Chains (Tigerskin’s No Sleep Remix Edit)
CD06. Peace (SixToes Remix)
CD07. Tora! Tora! Tora! (Karlsson And Winnberg (from Miike Snow) Remix)
CD08. Never Let Me Down Again (Eric Prydz Remix)
CD09. I Want It All (Roland M.Dill Remix)
CD10. Wrong (Trentemøller Remix)
CD11. Puppets (Röyksopp Remix)
CD12. Everything Counts (Oliver Huntemann And Stephan Bodzin Dub)
CD13. A Pain That I’m Used To (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)

3-Disc version
CD1-01. Dream On (Bushwacka Tough Guy Mix)
CD1-02. Suffer Well (M83 Remix)
CD1-03. John The Revelator (UNKLE Reconstruction)
CD1-04. In Chains (Tigerskin’s No Sleep Remix)
CD1-05. Peace (SixToes Remix)
CD1-06. Lilian (Chab Vocal Remix Edit)
CD1-07. Never Let Me Down Again (Digitalism Remix)
CD1-08. Corrupt (Efdemin Remix)
CD1-09. Everything Counts (Oliver Huntemann And Stephan Bodzin Dub)
CD1-10. Happiest Girl (The Pulsating Orbital Vocal Mix)
CD1-11. Walking In My Shoes (Anandamidic Mix)
CD1-12. Personal Jesus (The Stargate Mix)
CD1-13. Slowblow (Darren Price Mix)
CD2-01. Wrong (Trentemøller Club Remix)
CD2-02. World In My Eyes (Dub In My Eyes)
CD2-03. Fragile Tension (Peter Bjorn and John Remix)
CD2-04. Strangelove (Tim Simenon/Mark Saunders Remix)
CD2-05. A Pain That I’m Used To (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
CD2-06. The Darkest Star (Monolake Remix)
CD2-07. I Feel You (Helmet At The Helm Mix)
CD2-08. Higher Love (Adrenaline Mix Edit)
CD2-09. Fly On The Windscreen (Death Mix)
CD2-10. Barrel Of A Gun (United Mix)
CD2-11. Only When I Lose Myself (Dan The Automator Mix)
CD2-12. Ghost (Le Weekend Remix)
CD3-01. Personal Jesus (Alex Metric Remix Edit)
CD3-02. Never Let Me Down Again (Eric Prydz Remix)
CD3-03. Behind The Wheel (Vince Clarke Remix)
CD3-04. Leave In Silence (Claro Intelecto ‘The Last Time’ Remix)
CD3-05. In Chains (Alan Wilder Remix)
CD3-06. When The Body Speaks (Karlsson And Winnberg Remix)
CD3-07. Puppets (Röyksopp Remix)
CD3-08. Tora! Tora! Tora! (Karlsson And Winnberg (from Miike Snow) Remix)
CD3-09. Freestate (Clark Remix)
CD3-10. I Want It All (Roland M. Dill Remix)
CD3-11. A Question Of Time (Joebot Presents ‘Radio Face’ Remix)
CD3-12. Personal Jesus (Sie Medway-Smith Remix)

Info :
On 6 June 2011, Depeche Mode will release Remixes 2: 81-11 on Mute. An inspiring collection of new and classic mixes of material covering their entire career, the album includes remixes of tracks from their 1981 debut Speak And Spell, through to 2009’s Sounds Of The Universe, and is the follow-up to 2004’s million-plus selling Remixes 81-04. These remixes reinforce Depeche Mode’s standing as one of the world’s most influential and innovative acts.

Depeche Mode have been at the forefront of remix culture for the best part of three decades and this new compilation includes classic mixes from M83, UNKLE, Trentemøller, François Kervorkian and Dan The Automator, alongside all-new mixes from Stargate, Eric Prydz, Karlsson & Winnberg (from Miike Snow) and Röyksopp. In addition to this, the expanded editions include exclusive remixes by former band members Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder – the first time either artist has remixed tracks for their former colleagues.

Remixes 2: 81-11 will be available in two different CD formats; Single and Triple Disc versions, as well as Downloads and as a 6 x 12″ vinyl LP box set.

Highlights from the selection of classic mixes include reworkings of “Dream On” from 2001’s Exciter, “Suffer Well,” “John the Revelator” and “A Pain That I’m Used To” from 2006’s Playing The Angel and “In Chains,” “Peace” and “Wrong” from 2009’s Sounds Of The Universe, while the new mixes include “Tora! Tora! Tora!” and “Puppets” from 1981’s Speak And Spell, “Never Let Me Down Again” and “Behind The Wheel” from Music For The Masses as well as “A Question Of Time” from 1986’s Black Celebration. Lead single “Personal Jesus”, from 1990’s Violator, also features several strong remixes as part of the package. The Remixes 2: 81-11 tracklisting is as mentioned above.

Depeche Mode belongs to a select premier league of groups who have survived from the early 1980s with their ideals, creative vision and core members intact. Formed in 1981, Depeche Mode – Martin Gore, Dave Gahan and Andy ‘Fletch’ Fletcher – continue to win critical and commercial acclaim across the world both in the studio and on the road. All of the band’s 11 studio albums have reached the Top Ten in not only the UK and USA but 20 plus countries around the world including Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and Belgium. All told the band has sold more than 95 million albums worldwide.

“Personal Jesus (Alex Metric Remix)”

“Never Let Me Down Again (Eric Prydz Remix)”

“Personal Jesus (The Stargate Remix)”

more soon

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Depeche Mode
Mute Records

out now: Grinderman – Palaces Of Montezuma [Mute Records]


Palaces Of Montezuma

Mute Records


Release Date:
14th March 2011

Vinyl & digital

01. Palaces Of Montezuma (Cenzo Mix)
02. Palaces Of Montezuma (Barry Adamson Remix)
03. Palaces Of Montezuma (Album Version)
04. When My Baby Comes (Cat’s Eyes With Luke Tristram)

Info :
Palaces of Montezuma, the new single from Grinderman, will be released in March 2011. The track is the third single to be taken from the album Grinderman 2, which has been widely acclaimed as one of the top albums of 2010. Palaces of Montezuma will be available as a download and 12’’.

Grinderman have been invited to perform as special guests at the UK’s first “I’ll Be Your Mirror” event. Co-curated by Portishead and All Tomorrow’s Parties, the event takes place at Alexandra Palace on Sunday 24th July 2011.
Tickets are on sale at http://www.atpfestival.com

Having recently finished touring the US, Grinderman will be heading to Australia and New Zealand in January to play The Big Day Out Festival as well their own headline shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

A new video for the track Evil, directed by John Hillcoat can be seen at http://www.grinderman.com. Hillcoat’s video for Grinderman’s Heathen Child was recently nominated for The J Award Video of the Year (Triple J station in Australia).

Grinderman are Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey and Jim Sclavunos.

“Palaces Of Montezuma (Album Version)”

“When My Baby Comes (Cat’s Eyes With Luke Tristram Remix)”

“Palaces Of Montezuma (Barry Adamson Remix)”

MuteBank (vinyl)
Rough Trade (vinyl)
7Digital (digital)
iTunes (digital)
Amazon UK (digital)
Amazon GER (digital)
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Mute Records

out now: Josh T Pearson – Last Of The Country Gentlemen [Mute Records]

Josh T. Pearson

Last Of The Country Gentlemen

Mute Records


Release Date:
14th March 2011

CD, Vinyl & digital

CD1-01. Thou Art Loosed
CD1-02. Sweetheart I Ain’t Your Christ
CD1-03. Woman, When I’ve Raised Hell
CD1-04. Honeymoon’s Great! Wish You Were Her
CD1-05. Sorry With A Song
CD1-06. Country Dumb
CD1-07. Drive Her Out

CD2-01. Sweetheart I Ain’t Your Christ (Electric Version)
CD2-02. Woman, When I’ve Raised Hell (Electric Version)
CD2-03. Sorry With A Song (Alternative Version)
CD2-04. Sweetheart I Ain’t Your Christ (Electric Instrumental Version)
CD2-05. Woman, When I’ve Raised Hell (Electric Instrumental Version)

Bonus-01. Woman, When I’ve Raised Hell (Electric Version)

Vinyl-07 Last Of The Country Gentlemen

Track Bonus-01 is digital-only for UK. CD2 is extra stuff for Rough Trade Shop Exclusive bonus disc version is sold out. Track Vinyl-07 is vinyl-only and comes before “Drive Her Out”

Press Info:
Josh T. Pearson’s debut solo album is a collection of seven songs drawn from the lessons of what he describes as “a rough year”; songs that are personal, powerful, painful, songs that move with their honesty, that offer hope from the trials he’s suffered and survived. The songs were recorded in a Berlin studio in two nights, freshly written and committed to tape after Josh saw how they affected audiences when he played them. It is the bravest album you’ll hear in 2011.

But the story of Josh T Pearson begins a decade or so ago, several thousand miles away in Texas. It was there that the Lone Star State native formed Lift to Experience, who would cut a mesmerising double album for British label Bella Union, and perform a slew of live shows that left all who saw them changed – nights when the audience sang like choirs to their ache-laden existential hymnals, nights when their speakers burst aflame in sympathy with the deep portent of the mercurial trio’s music. So beloved by John Peel were they that he had them record three sessions in five months and were included in the Best Peel Sessions of all time.

The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads, their 2001 opus, came to Pearson fully-formed, the composer following the currents he felt guiding him to deliver what he describes today as “My own teenage symphony to God.” These crossroads were where spirituality and earthly angst collided, where Pearson led bassist Josh ‘The Bear’ Browning and drummer Andy ‘The Boy’ Young to crescendos of symphonic beauty and grand drama. Wholly earnest in their pursuit of Coltrane-esque levels of intensity and transcendence, they declared themselves “The best damn band in the whole damned land (and Texas Is The Reason)” as their sweeping, overdub-eschewing sound swelled to heroic volume. And then everything went silent. Lift to Experience vanished from the face of the Earth, leaving so much promise teasingly unfulfilled.

Josh T. Pearson describes the years that followed Lift to Experience’s dissolution as a period of “soul-searching… Music is really precious – it’s the most precious thing to me, it’s almost too precious to share. I needed to explore the world, discover some things. I just needed to grow up and be a man, you know? And I didn’t want to do that in public.”

Pearson believes a second Lift to Experience album would have brought a success to match the acclaim The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads had enjoyed. But such a prospect only increased Pearson’s growing ambivalence towards the role of “rock star” his music was seemingly cornering him into.

“Selling some records was probably the worst think that could have happened to us,” he says. “Out there in Texas, where there wasn’t anyone to hear the music, it was like art to me. There were no expectations, so we could do anything we wanted. When it became a commodity, and the idea of money got involved, and the other boys’ livelihoods were resting upon my shoulders, it sort of jumbled my head up.” A series of awful tragedies in the band-members’ private lives convinced Pearson “everything was gone on a road to Hell. If the band had continued, there would be consequences I didn’t want to be responsible for, in terms of souls.”

The group ended, and Pearson retreated as far from any kind of limelight as he could to a miniscule town deep in the heart of Texas where he took odd jobs to pay meagre rent. “I was scrubbing toilets at a church as a janitor, moving hay, doing construction work, for six dollars an hour,” he remembers. “I was volunteering at a Christian retreat centre out there, just helping how I could, fixing things and whatnot. I was making just enough to get by, and having the rest of the time to concentrate.”

In the absence of that second album, internet word of mouth built a legend around The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads, as the album continued to sell steadily to new fans with no hope of ever seeing Lift to Experience perform live. Out in the desert, however, Josh remained oblivious to his growing cult-dom. He never stopped writing music, he never stopped playing. But his new songs rarely left the bedroom where he’d pen them, and the audiences who heard him play were fellow musicians, amateurs, at guitar circles in town, where they’d strum rudimentarily through old Hank Williams tunes together, finding comfort within those chords and words.

As the decade wore on, Pearson left Texas, living in Berlin and, now, Paris. He would occasionally resurface to perform low-key but rapturously-received live shows, performing new songs and covers that would stoke anticipation that one of a series of unfinished projects might soon be released: a rumoured album of country songs, gospel covers, or the ‘Angels Vs Devils’ songs Pearson debuted during a solo tour of the UK in 2003, maybe.

But expanding his discography was not Pearson’s aim at this moment: “I played guitar live only when I had to, just for scratch, for 50 bucks here and there: ‘Blue collar’ playing, the circuit. I played Hull six times, way off ‘the grid’, to prove to myself that, as an artist, I could convince a room full of strangers that I was ‘the shit’. I say that humbly, with head bowed. I kept their attention with my complete honesty, absolute sincerity, and desperation. The material I was playing was just really painful, just kinda lost, angry stuff. There was an intensity there: this was stuff you don’t usually take out of the bedroom.”

Indeed, Pearson says he might not have recorded the songs that make up his debut solo album, had it not been for the response these songs enjoyed when he played them while touring with the Dirty Three in Ireland in December 2009. These starkly autobiographical new songs, as you can hear, speak with similar honesty, sincerity and desperation. Abandoning Lift to Experience’s widescreen wall of sound, they are sparsely arranged, Josh’s vocals and guitar lent an aching bitter-sweetness by violin accompaniment. Four of the seven songs run longer than ten minutes, because they examine the painful existential tangle of love and loss with a depth and emotional vividness not easily contained by the pop format. They are songs to be lived with and lived through, full of the pain and glory of life itself, searingly communicated by Pearson.

“I wrote these songs right everything within them was happening, singing from my own perspective,” he says, “and played them live on the Dirty Three tour because I thought it would good for me, as therapy, as something cathartic. I wouldn’t have thought of putting them out as a record, but two tough Irish blokes came up to me afterwards with tears in their eyes, moved by the songs… They were just strangers off the street, they didn’t know who the fuck I was, but they were crying. They were really tough on the outside, you could tell they wouldn’t usually do that kind of shit, but they came up and said ‘Thank you’, and let me know how moved by the music they were. And that’s when I thought that maybe it might be important to set aside my own personal feelings and put these songs out there.

“It’s funny, after all this time, to come back and release such a sad, sad record,” Pearson ponders. He’s not listened back to since it was finished, the wounds still too raw, too fresh. Still, he’s rightfully proud of the album. “I wanted it to be a record that, if I don’t put out another one for ten years, then it’s a good enough record to end on. It’s absolutely honest, full of despair. You really have to sit down and listen to it, and it takes something out of you, but it’s worth it.”

Lacerating it may well be, but it’s also the most remarkable album you will hear all year.

Last Of The Country Gentlemen is released on Mute in March 2011.

Free downloads:
The single “Country Dumb” will be the precursor for the album. Get a free paino version at www.joshtpearson.co.uk. Or download an alternative version of “Woman, When I’ve Raised Hell” at soundcloud.com.



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Live dates:
23 February: The Slaughtered Lamb, London, UK
24 March: Queens Social Club, Sheffield, UK
25 March: Stereo, Glasgow, UK
26 March: The Workman’s Club, Dublin, IE
27 March: The Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK
29 March: Brighton Ballroom, Brighton, UK
30 March: Bodega, Nottingham, UK
1 April: Purcell Rooms, London, UK
4 April: Comet, Berlin, DE
5 April: Gruner Jager, Hamburg, DE
6 April: Studio 672, Cologne, Germany
7 April: Ponyhof, Frankfurt, DE
8 April: Motel Mozaique, Rotterdam, NL
9 April: Botanique – Witloof Bar, Brussels, BE
14 April: La Carene, Brest FR
15 April: Le Café de la Danse, Paris, FR
16 April: Chapelle Du Conservatoire, Rennes, FR
17 April: La Dynamo, Toulouse, FR
19 April: Le Colisée, Colmar, FR
20 April: L’Hospice D’Havré, Tourcoing, FR

Josh T. Pearson
Mute Records

out now: Recoil – Selected [Mute Records]






Mute Records




Release Date:
19. April 2010


CD, 2xCD, Vinyl, Deluxe box & digital


Strange Hours

Faith Healer




Red River Cargo




Luscious Apparatus

The Killing Ground


Edge To Life

Last Breath

(True Romance)

(Shotgun Mix)

(Poison Dub)

(Filthy Dog Mix)

(Noisy Church Mix)

(Punished Mix)

The Killing Ground
(Solid State Mix)

Black Box

5000 Years
(A Romanian Elegy for Strings)

Strange Hours
’10 (featuring The Black Ships)

Missing Piece
(Night Dissolves)

(Pan Sonic Mix)


Press Info:
Recoil Selected, a brand new selection of classic Recoil tracks will be released on 19 April 2010. The track listing has been chosen by Alan Wilder who explains: “The collection is made up of my personal favourites, remastered and edited together into what I consider a cohesive and total listening experience.”

Recoil Selected will be available as a single CD, double pack CD, limited edition 4 x vinyl box plus a limited edition deluxe 4 disc box set which is exclusively available from Mute Bank.

The double CD, vinyl box and deluxe box set features many new remixes and alternative versions, chosen and edited together by Alan Wilder and Paul Kendall, who has worked with Wilder for the past 10 years. The album features a varied selection of vocalists including Diamanda Galás, Joe Richardson, Douglas McCarthy, Samantha Coerbell, Toni Halliday and Maggie Estep.

In support of the album, Recoil has announced details of an Events tour, A Strange Hour with Alan Wilder & Paul Kendall, with dates across Europe and in the US between March & May. Each date promises to be a unique event – with special guests – and these live presentations mark the first time Recoil has ventured out of the studio.

Alan Wilder’s years in the music industry have seen him go from studio assistant to session keyboard player, but it was his 14 years as a member of Depeche Mode where he really honed his skills. With his attention to detail in the studio, Wilder pushed the boundaries even within the restrictive climate of commercial pop. As an antidote to the demands of the Mode, his studio project Recoil was born in the mid-eighties. Two albums were released: ‘Hydrology’ (1988) and ‘Bloodline’ (1990) both giving an indication of his expanding horizons. After his departure from Depeche Mode in 1995, Wilder resurrected Recoil full-time and has since released ‘Unsound Methods’ (1997), ‘Liquid’ (2000) and most recently ‘subHuman’ (2007).


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Mute Records