out now: 3CT – Aurora 7 [DRVMS Ltd.]




Aurora 7






Release Date:
01st September 2017




Aurora 7





Press Info:
With 3ct at the commands, DRVMS LTD explores the outer fringes of its sonic spectrum. Aurora 7 is gritty, loud and raving. It builds compressed spaces, claustrophobic, that raise the adrenaline. The heart races with the beat. With a beautifully fast pulse throughout, the EP opens in a feverish aural expression progressively gets a more melodic spirit, gently guided by bells and spectral synths.

The EP opens with the title track Aurora 7, probably the meanest track of the lot. There an electric atmosphere that floats around each sound, making it contagious with energy. Glitches, noises, bleeps, distortions, and shifts pitch, tempo or pattern give the track a feeling of sober anarchy, in which chaos manifests its apparently paradoxical sensibility.

Baptism enters the dark rave dimension. The bass is muffled, lurking from somewhere undefined. The tracks seeks its origins; the atmosphere gets denser, darker, claustrophobic. A dry kick creates a vacuum in which an acid worm frantically moves, fat but fast.

In Sense, Aurora 7 takes a turn. It’s the most emotional track in the whole EP, and not just for the wise, meditative voice of Alan Watts. There’s the sophisticated sound of the bells, delicate against the violent hats; and the spectral synth which together with the creative work of reverbs and delays elevates Sense to an almost spiritual experience.

Statica closes the session back at the dirtier sounds. Alarming sirens and innocent bells this time looping in spiral, in an out of focus. Down the hole it takes us, hypnotising. There’s an underlying tension, a sense of urgency in the beat with drone infusions that stays in the background until the very end of the track like the racing heart gaining presence in the nightmare as we’re about to wake.

Aurora 7 is a journey into a very personal galaxy, full of conflicting gravitational forces with such creative energy that in the process of being made it recreated its own the author and Marco Lonero’s new moniker, 3ct was born. A great addition to the DRVMS LTD catalogue, Aurora 7 EP is a powerful 4-tracker tool for the peak hour.

by Clara Tehrani




3CT aka MMI – “Loose Lips Mix Series – 137”


MMI’s EP “Compulsory Response” on Shape Of Void


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3CT aka MMI


© Photo By Alessandro Papa

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