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About the concept:
Here is the sixteenth instalment of our series “abc plays xyz”.

The idea behind it is to ask some DJs/mixing artists if they have an artist or label in mind that they love and would like to use for a mix.

So the approach of each mix is clear: the choosen DJ/mixing artist makes a selection of tracks produced by one artist (and her/his monikers) or released on a label (and its sublabels) and creates a nice mix from it.

Find links to all instalments at our overview. Today we present you Akmê’s mix of tracks from Planet Rhythm.


About Akmê:
Born and raised in the suburbs of Potsdam, Akmê first developed his penchant for electronic music in the middle of the 2000s. He soon found a home and outlet for his musical exploits at Spartacus Potsdam, a club which helped shape him both musically as well as socially. Having organised numerous events and sampling all of the delights suburbia had to offer, he was drawn to the bustling metropole of neighbouring Berlin. Here he quickly attained a foothold in the music scene at ://about blank; a move which blossomed into a residency in 2014. Akmê’s sets are known for their diversity, they are profound improvisational odysseys which explore deep planes of emotions. Though if there is one thing they achieve above all else, it is that they will make you move. Simply put: Techno with groove.


About Planet Rhythm:
Planet Rhythm’s is a dutch techno label, that is currently owned by Triple Vision Music Group. The label was originally founded by Glenn Wilson back in the early 90’s in Sweden with the help of Adam Beyer, Umek, Gaetek, Thomas Krome, Slobodan & Patrick Skoog and many more local techno producers at the time. The label then changed ownership around 2005 to keep growing into its current form with more than 100 releases and a huge roster of modern day techno producers, with artists like Fanon Flowers, Radial, Bas Mooy, Exium, Scalameriya, Sleeparchive, Yan Cook,TWR72, Emmanuel, Re:Axis, Giorgio Gigli, VSK, DJ Boss, D. Carbone, Christian Wünsch, Matrixxman, Oscar Mulero, Echologist, Woo York and many more both well known and upcoming artists. With a steady stream of releases, Planet Rhythm has always played an important role, and it will continue to be a landmark, explore the boundaries , search for talent that design the future, and expand its catalog with strong, solid and often versatile techno. Techno is too big of a concept to limit its self to just 1 approach and 1 direction.


Listen & Download:
“Akmê plays Planet Rhythm”


Akmê About His Choice:
Planet Rhythm is one of not many record labels, from which i always have at least five records in my bag. Due to the constantly versatile output of the label it’s no secret that i’m a big fan of the label. With decades of experience they shape techno like nobody else can do.

My first aim was to introduce you to the wide range of electronic music, which came out on Planet Rhythm over the past 23 years. I don’t know how much cigarettes were smoked and how much liters of wine were drunk while i was sitting in my kitchen listening to every single release.

After i realised thats it’s going to be very difficult to mix the trancy sound from of 90th with the hard techno from the millennium and the modern melodically touched sound of today, i’ve chosen to make a cut in 2007 and mix a couple of tracks, which were released in the past ten years. I also made this because I think that this will be a mix listend with headphones on the streets, in your office or maybe at home (I like when techno is not only made for clubs). So here’s the smoother and groovy side of Planet Rhythm.


01. Tadeo – The Gate
02. Exium – Intro
03. Spiros Kaloumenos – Intro
04. Charlie Don’t Surf – Djupt Under
05. Steve Parker – Into The Void
06. Woo York – Acid Rain
07. Reeko – Between Ourselves
08. Exium – Flood Runner
09. BLNDR – Tape #303
10. Bichord – prophetic dreams
11. Woo York – Grad
12. Giorgio Gigli & Ness – Eon
13. Kaiser – Future
14. Von Grall – Quadratic
15. Dynamo – Solide Movement
16. Re:Axis – Synthesize
17. Aleja Sanchez – Oxcard
18. Robert S (PT) – Nery
19. Woo York – Acidic Uniformity
20. Radial – Like A House
21. Exium – Aces High
22. Vladw – Cluster
23. Pjotr G – False True
24. Reeko – Look At Me
25. Andre Walter & Chris Hope – Today
26. Pjotr G & Dubiosity – Dying Message
27. Steve Parker – Sirius


Akmê’s EP “ConnWax004”
Dave Simon’s “Traib EP” on Planet Rhythm


:// Blank Boooking for Akmê


Akmê @ Facebook
Akmê @ Soundcloud
Planet Rhythm
Planet Rhythm @ Facebook


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