out now: Speedy J – Shoegaze EP [Electric Deluxe]

Speedy J

Shoegaze EP

Electric Deluxe

EDLX 016

Release Date:
26th June 2011

12 inch & digital

01. Shoegaze (Speedy J Out Of Focus Dub)
02. Shoegaze (Edit Select Dub)
03. Shoegaze (Edit Select Reviset)
04. Shoegaze (Tool)

Tracks 03 and 04 are digital bonus tracks.

Get ready for a new stunning EP from Electric Deluxe Mastermind Speedy J!

With Shoegaze EP Speedy J has created another incredible body of work. A snapshot of a process, a form that emerges without intention – Half dreaming and half awake – shaping relentlessly pulsing tracks, vibrant and effortlessly contemporary. The vinyl A side Shoegaze (Speedy J out of Focus Dub) takes you right into the core of Speedy J’s massive production wizardry. Amorphous drone sounds, dusty yet smooth and intimate, create a monumental space, while a pulsing sub-bass is luring you into the groove.

The vinyl B side Shoegaze (Edits Select Dub) is up for serious dance fl oor damage. A compressed yet heavy bass constantly rolling and pumping from below and the ethereal dub sounds create an amazing fl owing driven and hypnotic beast of a track, which is already tearing up the dance floors world wide.

Digitally Shoegaze EP goes beyond with two more bonus tracks & tools.

Shoegaze (Edit Select Reviset) is starting off more ambient and atmospheric than the B side brother but gets a grip on you soon. Merciless pulsing bass and echoing drone sounds never cease to leave the dance fl oor out of focus.

At last but not least Speedy J’s Shoegaze (Tool) the distilled bones of Shoegaze. A piece achieving the seamless connection between usability and

Speedy J’s Shoegaze EP truly creates a nu gaze on modern Techno and the open ended dialogue between man and machine.


juno.co.uk (vinyl)
deejay.de (vinyl)
djshop.de (vinyl)
decks.de (vinyl)
Beatport (digital)
JunoDownload (digital)
Zero-Inch (digital)
more soon

Speedy J
Electric Deluxe

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  1. its hottttttttttttt!!!!! speedy j just got added to my favorite artist list… this track is what i have been looking for… amazing, well done speedy j, well done !!!

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