28th June 2011: Mute Night @ Berghain Kantine

Mute night @ Berghain Kantine


20:00 Admission
21:00 Maike Rosa Vogel live
21:30 Beth Jeans Houghton live
22:15 Big Deal live
23:00 S.C.U.M. live
23:45 Mute DJs

Berghain Kantine, Berlin

Admission fee:
11 euros + fees in advance / 14 euros at the box

Still feeling giddy about the fantastic Short Circuit Festival in London two weeks ago, we are looking forward to the next great announcement from Mute. So there will be parties with live sets by S.C.U.M., Beth Jeans Houghton and Big Deal in Amsterdam (27th June), Berlin (28th June) and Paris (29th June).

S.C.U.M., the band consisting of Thomas Cohen and Sam Kilcoyne (the son of Add (N) TO (X)’s Barry 7 … ) amongst others, sounds like a contemporary version of Joy Division plus the poppy feeling of Hurts all put together in a bottle.

Wire Magazin wrote “really cool piece of neu-volk invention” about Beth Jeans Houghton. Weird and poppy Folk like you haven’t heard before. But is Folk really the right term for that nice stuff? Not sure.

Big Deal is a cool American/English guitar duo with beautiful songwriting and harmonies.

Maike Rosa Vogel, signed by Mute Song, will open the night with tracks from her new album “Unvollkommen”.

And additionally some Mute DJs who wanna stay anonymous for now will be spinning records – perhaps announced later ;-).

The debut albums of S.C.U.M., Beth Jeans Houghton and Big Deal will be available on Mute later this year. The new album “Unvollkommen” by Maike Rosa Vogel has been released in April.

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Berliner Zeitung
and your local dealer

Free downloads:
#1, #2

Beth Jeans Houghton
#1, #2

Big Deal


Beth Jeans Houghton

Big Deal

Maike Rosa Vogel

Berghain Kantine
Beth Jeans Houghton @ Facebook
Big Deal
Maike Rosa Vogel
Mute Records
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