out now: Planetary Assault Systems – Deep Heet Vol. 2

Planetary Assault Systems

Deep Heet Vol. 2



Release Date:
14th March 2011

12inch & digital

01 Sucktion
02 Pow Wow
03 Raid

Having surprised everybody but themselves last time out with the Drained EP by Shifted, Luke Slater’s Mote-Evolver is now ready to drop the gears and put the pedal firmly to the metal with the second installment of Luke’s Planetary Assault Systems “Deep Heet” Series.

Volume 1 of Planetary Assault Systems “Deep Heet”, released in March 2006, signaled the return of Planetary Assault Systems after a 5-year hiatus. The release of this second volume, exactly 5 years later to the day, marks the culmination of Slater’s Planetary Assault Systems tour that began in 2009 with the release of the “Temporary Suspension” album on Berlin label Ostgut Ton.

Comprising three state-of-the-art expeditions into deep space techno, Deep Heet Vol. 2 takes techno back to its primitive roots, adding details inspired by yet-tobe-explored points in the galaxy; only visible from Slater’s Spacestation Ø UK studio.

Sucktion opens the EP in glorious style. The basis being a powerfully hypnotic groove, the track evolves steadily, drawing the listener in completely before revealing its subtle, beautifully powerful, harmonic breakdown.

Mechanical and tense, Pow Wow combines the sonic dynamism of hollow reverberating rhythms with oscillating melodic loops which together create a tightly woven groove that ultimately implodes into a shrill explosion of frequencies

Raid closes out the EP with its shimmering minimalism crafting a calm contrast to the rest of the EP. Pulsing melodies and echoing chimes attract the focus while a heavy flat kick and spurts of firing hats add the necessary dancefloor momentum.


“Pow Wow”


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